Tribe News

News: 21st July 2003

Tribe 6!

Planning is underway for Tribe 6!! There’s lots to be done in the planning stage including budgeting, location searching, storylines, etc etc.

The Tribe is growing and growing and the next series will be full of surprises. Watch this space for more information – you’ll always hear it first at Tribeworld.

Tom Hern to visit Cloud 9!

Tom Hern will be spending a week at Cloud 9 on a very special project. It’s all hush hush but you’ll be hearing about it soon

So! While he’s here we’re going to have a Cast Chat on the bulletin board! The chat should last for around an hour.

Here’s the time for your country.

New ZealandTuesday 29th July – 8.00am
EnglandMonday 28th July – 9.00pm
GermanyMonday 28th July – 10.00pm
FinlandMonday 28th July – 11.00pm
IsraelMonday 28th July – 11.00pm
Los AngelesMonday 28th July – 1.00pm
New YorkMonday 28th July – 4.00pm