Tribe News

News: 1st November 1999


We have been advised by Cloud 9 that The Tribe is going to start transmission across the USA on the broadcaster Encore’s Wham Channel from December this year!

Encore will be showing the Tribe every day of the week.

As soon as we have timeslot details we will advise under Latest News.


We have also been advised that the Tribe will start broadcasting in Ireland on RTE from January 2000.

As soon as we have more details we will advise under Latest News.


On the morning of Tuesday 2nd November New Zealand time (the evening of Monday 1st November UK time), Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) will be giving an interview to a member of the Cloud 9 team.

Following last week’s message on Latest News and Tribe Talk, we have received loads of emails with questions many of you would like to ask Dwayne Cameron. There have also been some questions put up on Tribe Talk under Tribe General Chat.

A member of the Cloud 9 team will put your questions to Dwayne during the interview, which is being recorded. After the interview has been processed and gone through some technical procedures, it will be available as a download on the new Tribeworld website. There will also be a transcript available via the new website.

Dwayne is the first member of cast to give an audio interview this way but all members of cast will be giving interviews and these will be available as downloads. We will advise who the next member of cast is in a week or so depending on the schedule for Tribe Series 2.

It is still not too late to send in your questions for Dwayne. You can email them to us at or post a message under the ‘My Dwayne Question’ post under Tribe General Chat on Tribe Talk. As long as we get your questions before the interview, we will ask Dwayne.


We would like to thank everyone who has sent in their letters and photos so far (even poems) for the first Tribe fanzine.

If you want to send in your pictures or letters, then you can send your photos or letters to the Official Tribe Fan Club. The address is on the first newsletter that members should have received by now.

You can also send us your email letters to


Meryl Cassie (EBONY) was the last member of cast to give an interview live on Tribe Talk.

The cast have been very busy recently with the schedule for Series 2 production. We do not know who will be the next member of cast to appear on Tribe Talk but hope to know later this week and we will post a message under the Cloud 9 section on Tribe Talk.

There will be a Chat Room on the new Tribeworld section and in future, members of cast will also be appearing live and exclusive there to chat with fans.

We’ll keep you posted and advise details on who is next on Tribe Talk as soon as we can.


It’s not too late!

Our team is compiling the first Tribe Fanzine and we have received loads of pictures and letters from fans, so thank you to everyone who has sent us something. We will be publishing some letters and pictures on a section of the Fanzine.

The Fanzine will be finished by the end of this week and sent out thereafter. There are still a few days then before the Fanzine is sent off to the printing presses and if you have a poem or letter you would like to email, then you can email this to us at

The Fanzine will also have a shopping section full of exclusive limited edition Tribe goodies that only fan members can get. The first of these is a VHS of the Making of the Tribe documentary that was recently shown on Channel 5 in the UK. Any member of the Fan Club worldwide is able to order the half-hour video. We would like to advise all those who have ordered videos so far that the videos will be despatched shortly and you should receive them by the end of this month. There are more details on how to order the Making Of the Tribe documentary in the newsletter that all Fan Club members receive with their first Tribe goodies. The lucky winners of the newsletter competition will received signed copies of the documentary!