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News: 28th April 2003

Tribe 5 on Five!

Episode 8 this weekend!! Amber discovers that Jay and Trudy are together and a catfight ensues. Ebony declares that there will be a resurrection of Zoot and Ellie is being used as a secret weapon against the Mallrats…

To find out more about the latest episodes check out the Plot Synopsis!

Catch The Tribe on Five every Saturday at 11.55am – Don’t miss it!!

Revelations – The Initial Journey.

For all Tribe fans that watch Revelations the entire series is being repeated on Five in the UK.
You can catch ‘Revelations – The Initial Journey’ on Five in the UK every Sunday at 11.30am.
To find out more about the series visit the website


Tribe DVD’s and Video’s!!!

The Tribe Series 1 DVD’s and Video’s are running out the door! They’re selling fast so you’d better get in quick.

The DVD’s and VHS’s as well as having the entire first series also include special features such as The Making of The Tribe, Tribe on Tour 2002 and the first Bloopers video.

You can find them in all good retail outlets as well as at

Don’t miss out!

Tribeworld Bulletin Board

We are currently having a few problems with our Bulletin Board but hope to have the situation fixed very soon. We’ll let you know about the new VBulletin system and other details as soon as we can. For now we thank you for your patience and there is a temporary bulletin board for you to use in the meantime