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News: 30th January 2003

News: 30th January 2003

Red Hot News Update!

As an exclsive to Tribeworld and especially for fans disappointed that some of their other favourite cast members will not be touring this year (although we have been overwhelmed by such a response to the cast members who have been confirmed to go on the tour) arrangements are currently being made for yet another tour around August.

Details of the cast are still to be confirmed but so far we have heard rumours in the Hexagon from Tribemaster that ‘it’ has it on the best authority that two of the cast members for the additional tour will be Tom Hern (Ram) and Caleb Ross (Lex).

Keep checking the latests news for futher information and when all details have been confirmed, then, as always Tribeworld will be the first to know!

Tribe Tour 2003!!

Wow the Tribe Tour this year is set to be the biggest one yet!! We can now confirm that there will be six cast members going!

James Napier, Michael Wesley Smith, Danny James, Beth Allen, Antonia Prebble, and Meryl Cassie will all be travelling on this years Tribe Tour!

The tour is set to commence in Germany on March 10th 2003 with the group visiting England and other countries that are still to be confirmed.

Unlike other years the cast will be appearing in shops for autograph signings and will be meeting as many fans as possible.

The tour will also be a whirlwind of tv appearances, radio sessions, and magazine and newspaper interviews.

Because the cast are so eager to meet as many fans as they can, closer to the time we’ll give you a bit more information about where you could grab a photo opportunity with cast as they arrive at different hotels, airports and other venues. Although the cast will be tired from all their travelling they’ll always be happy to spare a few minutes for a quick autograph and a picture.

Keep checking in to the Guide News for more information!

Revelations – The Initial Journey.

For all Tribe fans that watch Revelations the next episode is “The Good Samaritan” and it’s a fantastic episode set in 1961 in Hicksville, USA. Meryl Cassie appears in this episode as Lucy and Jess (Tom Hern) finds himself caught between Lucy¹s campaign for civil rights and equality against forces of entrenched racism and bigotry

You can catch ‘Revelations – The Initial JourneyŠ’ on Five in the UK every Sunday at 11.30am.

To find out more about the series visit the website

Tribe 5 Start Date!

You heard it here first! Tribe 5 is due to start airing on Five in the UK on March 15th 2003.

It was due to screen earlier but unfortunately it was out of Cloud 9’s control due to broadcaster scheduling.

Tribe 5 is shaping up to be the best series yet and we’re positive you’re going to be thrilled at every twist in the storyline.

The countdown begins…

Until next week,

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