News: 31st August 1999


As you may know last week, Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK) gave a live and exclusive interview over the Bulletin Board. Michael appreciates all the questions and messages posted to him, and did his utmost to answer as many messages as he could but there were too many messages for him to give an answer to everyone. Michael will try to answer some of the messages he was unable to later on this week when he has a break in his filming schedule. We will be letting you know who will be the next member of cast to appear live and exclusive on the Bulletin Board as soon as we can, and will advise details as soon as arrangements are made (I.e. to coincide with the production schedule of Tribe Series 2) on the main website and the Bulletin Board.


We have been authorised to reveal that the next member of cast to appear live and exclusive on the Bulletin Board will be DWAYNE CAMERON, better known to his fans around the world as BRAY. Dates will be advised as soon as they are known. FOR FANS IN POLAND We would like to welcome new viewers and fans of the Tribe in Poland, where the series starts transmission later this week on September 1st on the channel Wizja TV. FOR FANS IN FINLAND Not long now! The Tribe is returning to Finland on the main channel YLE TV1 from September 4th – so welcome back to all viewers and fans in Finland! The series will pick up where it left off from episode 26 and transmission will take you up to episode 52 (the second series of the Tribe involves yet another 52 episodes so keep in touch with YLE TV1 and no doubt series 2 will be coming your way soon – in the meantime, enjoy the current transmission of the Tribe).


You will still be able to enjoy the Tribe seven days per week for several weeks yet! The Saturday and Sunday transmission will continue right up to episode 52 and the daily special hour repeats will also occur up to 52 episodes. Channel 5 have yet to schedule series 2 but you will hear news first on the website. When an announcement is ready, it will be posted exclusive to users of Tribeworld so keep checking the Latest News for the latest information.


Kia ora! In New Zealand the Tribe was launched on TV4 and had a tremendous response from audiences and was chosen as the highlight of the week’s television in popular publications such as the Evening Post, The Dominion, the Sunday Star Times, and the Sunday News. There were also loads of other interviews and publicity on radio and television. New Zealand is a very important territory for the cast and crew due to the fact this is where the series is filmed and fans and viewers can enjoy the Tribe every Tuesday at 19.30 pm.


The Tribe from this week is now being shown in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Finland, New Zealand, and Poland. The series starts transmission in Slovenia, Israel, Holland and Vietnam shortly and for fans in these countries, please continue checking the Tribeworld website whereby dates will be posted as a special exclusive. Cloud 9 are in negotiations with several interested broadcasters in Germany, the USA, Japan, Italy, France and Canada, and again we will be advising details of more countries where the Tribe is going to be broadcast soon. The world is going tribal!


The cast in the Tribe are not only accomplished actors and actresses but are very talented singers, musicians, and dancers. We have been authorised to reveal that John Williams and Matt Prime arrived in New Zealand within the last few days to continue recording the first Tribe album. Both John Williams and Matt Prime are highly esteemed songwriters – and John Williams is a very famous record producer who has worked with a host of high profile names within the music industry ranging from Debby Harry/Blondie to Simple Minds, the Proclaimers to the Housemartins

The Tribe is the next “band” John will produce and the cast are currently busy rehearsing some exciting new songs which have been written – which will be placed on their first album. They will also be singing a version of the tremendously popular theme tune “The Dream Must Stay Alive”. It will take about six weeks to record the album in New Zealand and the cast will be travelling back and forth between the television studio and locations and the music recording studio to record the album.

They will also be filming a promotional video to accompany some of the songs which will be released as singles and this involves a great deal of planning and preparation – including the cast working with an experienced choreographer and voice coach. After recording the cast, John Williams and Matt Prime will return to England where they will mix all the tracks (they have been working and recording and arranging for several weeks now – backing tracks that is and this current phase of recording the cast is a very important one).

Please continue checking the Tribeworld website where once again details will be revealed regarding when the album will be released – but this will be after the information is given to members of the Official Triibe Fan Club who will be advised first as an exclusive. It is a long process and the album will not be available for several months yet – but the theme tune to the current series will also be available by December to members of the Official Tribe Fan Club.

We have been authorised to reveal that plans are currently underway for a promotional tour around the world and there will be updates and confirmation of the tour later so please keep checking the Latest News on the website for further information.