Tribe News

News: 6th September 1999


Last week, the cast traveled back and forth between the Cloud 9 production centre and music recording studios during breaks in their production schedules to record songs for the forthcoming Tribe album, inspired by the series.

John Williams and Matt Prime are highly respected and talented songwriters and producers who have worked with some very famous and successful artists in the music industry. Mr Williams and Mr Prime arrived in New Zealand over a week ago from the UK to record the cast.

The cast have also been busy working with an experienced choreographer for music videos that will be recorded to coincide with the release of the singles and Tribe album.

A documentary camera crew filmed the cast during their rehearsals for the album and this footage will be put together for a documentary about Tribe Series 2 and the Tribe album.

The production team have also been busy scheduling a video shoot which will occur on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th September.

It will take about another five to six weeks to record the Tribe album at, which point all the tracks and vocals are then mixed together.

We will advise as soon as we can about the release dates for the album worldwide – please keep checking Latest News for more details.


We have been authorised to reveal that Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) will be appearing live and exclusive on Tribe Talk on Thursday 9th September at 07.30 am NEW ZEALAND time, to chat with fans of the series!

PLEASE NOTE that due to the time difference, this will be Wednesday 8th September at 20.30 pm in the UK.

For fans in Finland, please note that this will be 22.30 pm FINLAND time (but if Dwayne is available to appear any earlier than this, then he will do so as he is keen to talk to fans – we will let you know on the Cloud 9 section of the Forum Index on Tribe Talk, if Dwayne will be available any earlier).

Dwayne will be setting a competition question during his appearance later in the week (to prove it is him on Tribe Talk) and the lucky winner will receive a telephone call from Dwayne himself!

So if you have any questions or messages, or just want to say hi – then get ready for Dwayne Cameron later this week!



The Official Tribe Fan Club has received a tidal wave of members since it was founded last month – and thank you everyone for joining! Thank you also for your patience and understanding with the slight delay in receiving your Tribe goodies. Although all members of the Cloud 9 team expected a big response, all concerned have been totally overwhelmed and extra members of the team have been recruited to solely look after the Tribe Fan Club and ensure that future responses are dealt with much faster.

The Official Fan Club has asked us to let everybody know that your first Tribe goodies will be despatched very soon and you should receive these in a couple of weeks (depending on postage times) – this will include an exclusive Tribe membership card, newsletter, Tribe Fanzine, and much more!

There will also be details of special discounted products on offer so keep checking the Latest News for up to date information. With Christmas fast approaching, the products will make ideal gifts for Tribe lovers everywhere!

We should point out that the Tribe Fan Club is free to join and would like to remind Fan Club members than in lieu of an annual subscription, the Cloud 9 production team and cast would prefer a donation to a children`s charity of your choice.


The Tribe Store on the website is going to be online very soon.

We have received tonnes of emails and letters asking how to get Tribe goodies (ranging from music from the series to clothes and posters) and you will pleased to know that the Tribe Store will be online shortly and will include exclusive offers about Tribe music, pictures, posters, videos, tapes and CDs, Tribe clocks, and drink flasks!

There will be more details about what Tribe goodies are available and how it all works on the main website very soon – so please be patient, the Tribe Store will be opening very shortly.

And the NEWLY designed website is having finishing touches put to it and this will be launched very soon.