Megan Alatini (JAVA) interview on Romance

Who would be your ideal celebrity date?

Megan – Brad Pitt (For sure)

Sum up why someone would want to go out with you

Megan – Coz I’m a cool chick!

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?

Megan – Turned up in England unexpectedly while my husband was on a rugby tour. Absolutely surprised him!


What is your worst dating crime (most embarassing)?

Megan – Not answering the calls knowing he was gonna call!!

Are you romantic?

Megan – Yes I am!

What lengths would you go to win a girl/guy?

Megan – All depends on who it was.

What would your ideal evening be with a loved one?

Megan – Middle of winter – country setting, sitting(lying) in front of a fire place eating choc dipped strawberries.

Have you ever had any rumours spread about you and romance?

Megan – Yes – that I was dating someone I didn’t even know.

What was your first ever date?

Megan – My school ball

Do you go Dutch or insist on paying?

Megan – Dutch

At what stage in a relationship do you take a partner to meet your parents?

Megan – Day one!!

Do your parents or mates influence your decision in the type of person you go out with?

Megan – No – they try to though


Do you have a current partner?

Megan – Yes – I’m married

What qualities do you look for in a partner?

Megan – Honesty, caring, funny.

You meet someone who is sexy and has a great personality but you find out they want you because you’re a star. Do you go out with them or not?

Megan – Nah – boring!

What is your get out clause if the relationship is over?

Megan – Just tell it like it is!

Have you ever cheated on someone?

Megan – Yes, but only a little bit.

Do you go more for personality or looks?

Megan – Personality.

Does age matter?

Megan – So far it has.

If you were given a present from a partner and you hated it would you be truthful?

Megan -No – just getting a pressie is great.

What is the worst chat up line you have ever heard?

Megan – I saw you last night… in the dictionary beside DAMN!!


You find out that your best friend is being cheated on. Do you tell them?

Megan – If it’s a good friend, yes!


Would you take back your partner if you found out they had cheated on you?

Megan – Depends on the circumstances


The partner you are dating tells you that they love you but you don’t feel the same. What do you do?

Megan – Tell them the truth.


Should men always make the first move?

Megan – Hell no!


Someone you don’t fancy asks you out. Are you disgusted or flattered?

Megan – Flattered


Has a fan ever tried to hit on you?

Megan – Yep. And thats cool.

Do you kiss and tell?

Megan – Yes I do.


Do you compare notes with your mates?

Megan – Yes all the time.


Your partner finds your best mate attractive. Does it bug you?

Megan – No – as long as thats all it is.


Would you hit on someone you met on holiday even though you knew it would never last?

Megan – Maybe (if I wasn’t in a relationship)


Do you really think that long distance relationships are possible to maintain?

Megan – Yes – been there done that.


How do you retain your professionalism amongst such attractive co-stars?

Mega – Exactly that – Be professional. Plus they’re all too young anyway


Is it possible to remain friends with an ex?

Megan – Sometimes it’s possible