How important are your looks to you in regard to your girlfriend?

Well, it’s a tough one isn’t it? To be totally honest this is how I look at it. My girlfriend has to be the most beautiful girl (to me) in the world. This doesn’t mean she’ll be your classic super-model or something because sometimes when you come to know someone’s inner beauty they become beautiful in your eyes on the ‘outside’ as well. There needs to be an attraction there definitely, but it is in the ‘eye of the beholder’.

What kind of woman do you go for the most (Amber, Tai San, Ebony…)?

Well, ashamed to say it, in the past I have been real sucker for bad girls, so Ebony’s probably right down my alley. I tend to let a lot of nice girls go and fall for the one that gives me the most grief. This is an attitude I’m looking at leaving in the past though so bring on Ram’s faithful wife Java who has always been there for him.

Describe your first love (looks and personality).

I can’t say if it was true love, but the first girl I really fell for was when I was 15 and at high- school. She was 21, pretty, and she liked me back. I fell head over heels, stopped attending school to hang out and it all got bit out of hand. Eventually she dumped me for a dude her own age and I was bummed! Maybe I bit off more than I could chew!!!