Tribe News

News: 3rd March 2003

Tribe 5 has wrapped!

Well, what a busy week it’s been! Last week was the final week of filming for Tribe 5! The last few months have flown by and it’s great to see another series of The Tribe! Tribe 5 will start screening in the UK in two weeks!

Once filming has finished there’s still lots to do. The cast will be coming in for ADR’s (additional dialogue requirements), the wardrobe team, makeup and art department will be packing everything away and sorting through props etc and post production will be busy editing the final episodes together.

And some of the cast will be touring around Europe! And this is keeping the Fanclub and the Internet Team busy

So you see even though filming finishes, Cloud 9 is still busy as always.

The Tribe Tour 2003 – Bringing the Dream to the World

Filming finished on Saturday 1st March and some of the cast members will manage to get home for a day or so before they jump back on the plane and head off on the tour. The first stop is Singapore where the tour group will stay for the night to break up the journey (and do some shopping!!) before heading on over to Germany.

The group will be in a tour bus and we’ll put a picture of it on the website once we have one so that you know to look out for it and wave to the cast as they tour through the towns and countryside of beautiful Germany.

After that it will be a whistle stop tour of Denmark, Finland, Norway and The Netherlands followed by England and Scotland!

Keep checking out the Tour Page for updated itineraries, gossip and news.

Tribe Tour 2003 Competition!

The competition is over and we have three winners who will get to have dinner with the cast at a London restaurant during the tour!!

The question was: “What is Meryl’s favourite shop in London?”

The answer could be found in the interview section and it was “Top Shop”

Congratulations to Eberechi Nwoko of Battersea, London – Ben Ross of London and Kate Lapage of Southampton

An email will be sent to you shortly with all the details!!


Two Weeks to Go!

Tribe 5 is due to start airing on Five in the UK on Saturday March 15th 2003 at 12.00pm and will be airing with a full hour episode every Saturday!

The storylines are amazing and there’s some stunning twists that will have you fixed to your television every Saturday!

The countdown has begun!!

Get Ready World…

Tribe DVD’s and Video’s

Tribe Series 1 DVD/VHS release!

The full series 1 set of The Tribe will be available from March 24th 2003! It will be available on DVD and VHS and will also be available in three languages!

The box set will be available on seven discs and will be available throughout the UK and Germany!

Get your orders in now because they’re going to sell fast!