Pre-Tribe Mysteries – Presidential Broadcast – Part 1

Over the last few ‘pre tribes’ we have taken a look at the many mysteries surrounding the Tribe – from Pandorax, the virus, the antidote, and more! This week we take a look at the mystery and history surrounding the Presidential broadcast that was found on video tape by Ellie and Jack..


Where did it all evolve from?

Jack and Ellie had been searching for answers about where the virus had come from for a long long time. They were hoping to get answers on it’s history, who was involved, and what the cure or antidote truly was, especially since Taisan had been injured in the explosion of her lab and had amnesia as to what her secret recipe for the antidote was.

They had found a video tape during their many searches of buildings and labs and had planned to view it when they returned to the Mall.

Danni obviously knew what was on the tape (and knew of her fathers involvement) so was keen to find and destroy this tape. BUT she did not get to it on time!

Following is what featured on this tape!

What is it all about?

The Broadcast evidently tells about where the virus originated?

But it spins some story about where the ‘plague’ came from. They say it was from a comet and that it’s tail carried a deadly virus. Yeah right we all say!! Is it believable? Can the Mall Rats fall for this story?

PRESIDENT: – “Several months ago, a small, obscure comet – comet Freya … passed through the earth’s orbit. Debris from the comet’s tail has carried a deadly virus into our atmoshere. This virus has contaminated the food we eat, the water we drink, the very air that we breathe.”

Jack and Ellie initially thought that they had finally found the solution and answers as to where the virus came from!. But why was the tape they were watching going fuzzy in some bits. Had it had been tampered with? Would they even notice that this seemed strange? Perhaps it had been lying around some dirty place and lost its quality?

What was the real story??

The video was replayed for the rest of the Mall Rats. Jack and Ellie wanted to show everyone that they had finally found the real truth of where the virus came from and that the issue could finally be put to rest.

Here are some immediate reactions of the Mall Rats upon watching this:

Ellie – “Is that possible?”

Bray – “It’s hard to believe”

Danni – “But that would explain everything, Why nobody was prepared. And why nobody could do anything ’til it was too late’ ”

Of course Danni was quick to come up with her view to convince the rest of the Mall Rats that yes it was the real story????

Could it be that the virus was not really as a result of an attempt to stop the aging process? Perhaps it came from man’s exploration of space, OR a scientific experiment which went terribly wrong, OR was as a result of germ warfare???

There are other problems and threats in Tribeworld now which would be more important – Survival is still the name of the game.

We will see what happened further in the Presidential Broadcast….Next week! Stay tuned for more …