Pre-Tribe Mysteries – Evacuation

Over the next few ‘pre tribes’ we will be taking a look at the many mysteries surrounding the Tribe – from Pandorax, the virus, the antidote, and more! This week we take a look at the mystery and history surrounding the evacuation of the city as the outbreak of the virus was discovered.

*Virus Outbreak!!*


What is happening to the city?

The outbreak of the virus has meant that the adults are dying and their children need to be protected from both the threat of the virus and vicious tribes setting up, looting the city and forcefully taking over the adults dwellings.

It was decided that in order to protect the children and keep them isolated from further contamination they should be gathered together, and so it was arranged that there would be an evacuation process.

What is the voice and broadcast announcing?

“CODE 1. Civil Priority. Isolation now in effect. To avoid the risk of contamination please stay indoors and await further instructions. Medical advice will be given.”

“Authorities are appealing for calm throughout the evacuation process. All children under the age of 18 years should report to their local sector for transportation. Priority will be given…to those children exposed to adults already contaminated.”

What does this mean?

The authorities are informing the people of the city of what is happening and attempting to reduce the panic levels as a result of the outbreak of the virus. Many cars were streaming out of the city trying to escape the virus. But no-one could…only the children were to survive.

The parents were worried about what would happen to their children when they passed away (some have already died) and so it is piece of mind for them to know they would be evacuated to a safe place. But is anywhere going to be safe in the new Tribeworld?

What happens from here?

The big vans traveled through the city informing people by loudspeaker of the news of the virus, the risk of contamination and then the TV broadcast was further telling the people of the planned evacuation process.

It was envisaged that the vans would travel through the city picking up the children that were ready to go. The broadcast was coordinated with the transport van travelling the streets with loudspeakers explaining the threat to the people.

But some groups of children already formed ‘Tribes’ and had started to cause chaos in the city streets. There was little anyone could do about this lack of discipline and order because with no adults, there were no longer laws or rules able to be enforced.

What is the future for Tribeworld as a result of the evacuation?

The world as they knew it was about to drastically change. Life would never be the same again. Families were torn apart, children were abandoned, the city was left to rack and ruin, and life for the children left was to be filled with challenges and hardships.

The children were forming their own groups and were gathering into varying Tribes. This was the nature of survival in Tribeworld. It was turning into a messy, dangerous place to live, and certainly not an ideal place to bring up a child as Trudy was about to do.

Where else could the children go?

Most went their own way, formed their own groups and gathered with their own friends.

Bray and Trudy went searching for an appropriate and safe place for Trudy to have her baby. This was how they stumbled upon the mall.

All would be revealed as the Tribe evolved. How were the children to cope without the parents to guide their way? The little things in life we all take for granted were to become huge processes, for example, food, washing, shopping, education, rules, living together with others, general survival.

Could it be that the virus was not really as a result of an attempt to stop the aging process? Perhaps it came from man’s exploration of space, OR a scientific experiment which went terribly wrong, OR was as a result of germ warfare???

There are other problems and threats in Tribeworld now which would be more important – Survival is still the name of the game.