Pretribe: Style and Fashion

– Long socks, short skirts, white blouses and red blazer for the girls. This was the typical strict rule of uniformity within schools; they strive for the children to look all the same. However, in general terms their school was fairly liberal with accessories, especially with hair.

– Trudy had her hair long, every day with a scarf/bandana over it.

– When Ebony arrived as the new girl at the school, she had a fashion all of her own, and by her attitude, was not going to let anyone tell her otherwise! Her hair was braided and crinkled, she had makeup on and a uniquely cut white shirt. She was there to make a statement with her attitude, in no uncertain terms.

– The boys remained quite conservative in their fashion, their school uniform especially was strict with blue shirt and pants and a red beret. It retained a very smart military look.

– Bray’s sports uniform was casual but practical, for when he played basketball. He was the captain of the basketball team, a hero and master sportsman in his long black pants and tank top.

For the school dance the kids really took pride in their ‘look’ for the evening. This was a time where they could openly express themselves as they had the freedom to dress and act how they wanted. They were certainly out to impress (some more than others do, as we know).

Ebony went for a sensual sexy look, so she could capture the eyes and heart of Bray – well she got the eyes but never the heart! Perhaps this intention was driven by jealousy, and so she was content just to ensure that no one else could have him.

Martin went to great pains to find the ultimate ‘stylish’ outfit for the evening to turn the head of his one true love – Trudy. He was trying his best to capture her heart even though it was obvious she was attracted to Bray. His sleek leopard style tight top and slick back hair was really the last style we saw of the fresh faced Martin, before he gave up on life and became the thoughtless and power hungry Zoot. This new attitude on life was not helped by Trudy’s attraction to Bray; this just spurred Martin/Zoot to hate normal life more.

Ultimately the Tribe kids dressed like any normal teenagers would prior to the virus. Once they left the world with adults, they had the freedom to and were able to express themselves quite wildly through their Fashion and Style, clothes, makeup, and attitudes. Their confidence in life, seen through their attitudes were crucial to their survival in a world full of threats from other Tribes. They had to be sure of themselves or at least have leaders who were.

Each character continues to be identified by a unique ‘look’.