Pretribe: Zoot/Trudy/Bray/Ebony Update December 13th 1999

This is where you will find out about everything to do with the Tribe before the “virus” – ranging from how characters lived and knew each other, to clues about the “virus” itself.

On 26th December Boxing Day, Channel 5 in the UK broadcast the first of the back-story episodes that are set before the Tribe. This special episode looks at how Bray, Zoot, Ebony and Trudy lived in the days before the virus.

We have got some exclusive preview photos in Pre-Tribe that look at the themes in the episode, which examines:

How Zoot became Zoot

How did Zoot become Zoot? Why did he start the Locos?

The back-story elements in the Tribe examine this. As Bray’s younger brother, Zoot grew up in a stable and normal household – some would say the family were quite well off. He was kind and generous before the virus.

Before he was Zoot, his real name was Martin – and the young Martin had a crush on one of his classmates – Trudy.

Bray was a year older and in the class above Martin at school. Trudy liked Martin but she liked Bray even better.

When the virus started, there were some major events that occurred to Martin – as well as Bray and Trudy, and involved Ebony, the new girl in Trudy’s class. These were to change Martin’s life forever – and lead him on a road to transformation into the formidable and power crazed Zoot, with the formation of the Locos.

Bray and Ebony’s relationship

Before the virus, before Bray met Amber, before the shopping mall – Bray was at school. He was the captain of the basketball team (his favorite sport) and played an active part in the life of the community, seeking to contribute to others and help out where he could.

After the virus, Bray sometimes hinted to Amber and the others – and Ebony was not secretive – about the fact that Bray and Ebony before the virus used to be very close.

Was Ebony kind and generous before the virus? Or was she self-centered and selfish, and did she somehow trick and manipulate Bray?

Or did Bray find Ebony genuinely attractive – and the two share a genuine bond between them?

What was the impact of Bray and Ebony’s relationship on others – like Trudy, Ebony’s classmate – and Bray’s younger brother Martin?

All will be revealed in the back-story episode on Boxing Day 26th December.

There will be a detailed look at the back-story in Pre-Tribe after the episode has been broadcast on Channel 5. We don’t want to spoil anything by giving the storyline away!!

But in January there will be more photos and loads of info about this back-story – as well as what it meant acting it to Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Daniel James (ZOOT) and Antonia Prebble (TRUDY),

Another back-story episode in Series 2 will be broadcast on Channel 5 in January 2000 and looks at how Lex and Ryan first met each other and became best friends before the virus changed society forever. We’ll have some photos and info on that in the near future but in the meantime, here is a photo on the day of Lex and Ryan’s first meeting – at a discipline army boot camp.