Pretribe: What if it hadn’t happened? – Part 2

3. What if Trudy and Bray were not accepted into the mall in episode 3 and 4?

Bray thought Phoenix Mall was an ideal and secure place for Trudy to have her baby and live in safety – and the Mall Rats in episode 4 agreed that Trudy and Bray should be allowed to stay. After that Trudy and Bray became Mall Rats and the rest is history…

But history would have been very different if Bray and Trudy were NOT allowed to stay in the mall. What if the Mall Rats told them to “get lost” and leave?

Would Trudy have given a successful birth outside the safety of the shopping mall? Would baby Brady have survived?

If Bray did not become a Mall Rat (because he was told to leave with Trudy) then the Mall Rats might have not succeeded as they did without his leadership skills – the Tribe without Bray would have lost all he otherwise would have contributed? So would the city…

Amber and Bray would never have fallen in love because Bray was never in the mall in the first place?

If Trudy and Bray were left alone in the city would they have managed to join another Tribe – like the Jackals or Gulls? Or might they have been captured by the Locos instead?

4. What if Jack did not let Amber and the others stay in episode 1?

Jack was the only person to live in the shopping mall in episode 1 – until the day that Amber, Salene, Patsy, Paul, Dal and Chloe burst into the Mall after they were chased by Locos. Jack let them stay and from there, the Mall Rats Tribe was formed…

What if Jack was scared instead and closed the security gates at the entrance to the Mall to stop Amber and the rest from entering?

Would the Mall Rats have never existed as Amber and the others might have been captured by the Locos? Perhaps they would have been forced to join Zoot or another Tribe?

Would Jack have managed on his own in the mall? Might he still be there today living alone in his father¹s old store, eating tin after tin of baked beans?

5. What if Zoot did not fall in episode 8 and die?

This is a tough one… As you probably know, Zoot fell in episode 8 and died. Ebony became the leader of the Locos and Trudy had to bring up Brady alone as a single mother…

But if Zoot did not fall or die then how would that have changed the future?

Would Zoot have perhaps given up (or at least changed) his Loco ways – perhaps a kinder, more tolerant Zoot would emerge as he found love again through being a father? Or maybe Bray would have been able to persuade Zoot to change his ways and become a force for good?

Would Zoot and Trudy have fallen in love again over their new born baby?

If Zoot was alive – and became more moderate – then the Guardian and the Chosen Tribe in Series 2 would surely have never existed? They would no longer have Zoot to worship in their quasi-religion – Zoot would be very much alive, and this would have changed the whole course of Series 2?

As you can see, the future of the Tribe might have been very different if some key events had a different outcome – and we¹ll look at some more “What if…?” situations in the Tribe in the near future…