Slade Series Series 5
Tribe Unknown


Slade is a new character in Tribe 5 who is a drifter and an opportunist and winds up in ‘Liberty’, the frontier-style town, fully intending to move on but getting increasingly caught up in events.

Slade is a ‘Pale Rider’ character. He’s out for himself, and his motives are often ambiguous. But there’s a basic decency there behind the gruff exterior, and he can occasionally surprise us with acts of tenderness. What’s more he doesn’t judge others, (except to know that they will also look out for number one, if they’ve any sense).

He is certainly not a ‘baddie’, he doesn’t want to rule the world, but neither does he harbour any illusions about building a Utopia from the ashes of the adult world.

Cast Member

Name Matt Robinson Birthday 12th May 1980
Interests Cinema, books, listening to and making music.

Matt travelled from England for the the part of Slade in Tribe 5.

Matt is a veteran of theatrical acting. He has performed in many theatrical roles including Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Twelfth Night and The Crucible plus many others.

The Tribe is his first television series although Matt has played various characters in UK short films.