Teenage Rebellion

When you first hear the word rebellion you instantly think teenagers. Sulking, tantrums, and unreasonable behaviour – but that’s usually from an adults perspective.

Hitting those teenage years is a tough time for both children and their parents. It’s a time when teenagers become more independant and start working out who they are and where they fit in. They’re hard years.

Most teenagers, at some stage in their lives, will openly defy their parents authority and advice. The major reason for rebellion in teenagers is for them to find their place in the adult world. While parents have been through life for so much longer and know that with freedom there are responsibilities and repercussions, teenagers are still learning and this is the time they like to test the waters. Teenagers cannot know the limits of their behaviour without first exploring the edges.

We learn right from wrong throughout our lives, we’re not born with it. We learn the difference from trial and error as we mature. Teenagers need time and life’s lessions to learn what is acceptable and what is not.

So what happens as a teenager when you’re going through these years and what makes it that much harder?

  • Teenagers may feel all-powerful and all-knowing at the same time that they experience inadequacy and failure
  • Privacy is important to a teenager – it’s a time to work things out for yourself without adult input
  • Friends are all important and you form a close bond with friends through those teenage years. They’re going through what you’re going through.
  • Hormonal changes can bring mood swings
  • Defying the rules of your parents – Teenagers challenge rules and values as a way of establishing their individuality
  • Teens start relating to the opposite sex in a different way. Where there once friendships there are now more intense feelings of romance and/or negative emotions.

All these things and more make our teenage years some of the toughest of our life.

Teenagers often struggle with thinking that their parents are still treating them like children. It’s hard for a parent to remember that you are now a young adult rather than a large child.

Some small things can be horrific for parents. Have you ever tried to dye your hair bright orange or shaved it all off and had your parents freak out? You might actually really like your new hairstyle but your parents don’t. Remember that even though it’s only hair and you should be able to do what you want with it, sometimes parents have reason to be upset.

There will often be screaming matches between you and your parents but sometimes this just gives you reason to really let go and say things you wouldn’t normally say or mean.

As well as you feeling like the world is against you, your parents are finding it tough too – they want you to grow into a grounded, loving human being and if sometimes that means being tough then they’ve only got your best interests at heart.

You’re lucky if you have understanding and patient parents and parents that know that this is only a phase and you’ll get through it together.

If you’re finding things tough it helps if there is an adult or someone you can talk to. Someone who won’t pass judgement but is there to offer advice if you need it. Some teenagers can do this with their parents while others need someone who is not so closely connected.

The best thing to do to get through a disagreement is to act like a young adult and approach it with maturity and try and talk it through.

Rebellion in The Tribe

Cloe and Ved were of the age when rebellion comes into play. Cloe was eager to do her own things and to branch out from her protective security of the mall. Trudy and Salene both had a tough time keeping her in line but in the end there wasn’t too much they could do. Cloe was determined to hang out at the local casino and to mingle with other like minded teens.

And then she met Ved. Ved showed her a good time and they did those things that they’re not supposed to do but is exhilirating at the time. It took a few tough blows for Cloe to realise that Ved wasn’t all he was cracked up to be and she learnt a valuable lesson – not everyone is quite as caring as they might seem. But these things have to be learnt the hard way and this was just one hurdle that Cloe will have during the next few years.

Remember everyone goes through difficult times in their teenage years and you’ll look back on it in a few years time and be thankful you came through the other side.