“Tour Diary” – Tribe Tour 2003 – Report 26

Dear Tour Diary,

Wednesday 27th March 2003 – Manchester

Up early to have breakie and then we all piled into our two mini busses and headed for Manchester.

The drive took about 4 hrs and we stopped at a service station to stock up for drinkies and munchies for the trip. Everyone on the tour found a munchy – Danny liked the Flame Grilled Steak Crisp.Toni and Beth loved anything chocolate and michael loved all crisps. There are a great variety of different things here lots of which we don’t get in NZ.

We got to Manchester and checked into our lovely hotel and got our costumes and makeup on.

We headed for Big W and had a quick lunch before going downstairs to setup.

There were a few Journalists and lots of fans waiting for us. We signed for an hour and a half. Its always lovely to meet such a wide variety of fans of all ages and it was great to see more male fans today as well as some mothers and grandmothers who watched the show with their kids.

There was even a lovely priest who came along with his daughter and went away with a tribal facial transfer.

There are a couple of fans who are following us around the country. They first met up at Heathrow and have been to every signing so far! Looking forward to seeing them at the next one!

The staff at the store were fantastic and a lot of them were fans of the show as well.

Emily and Saranne got a chance to do some shopping for some necessities. Big W is such a huge store and found everything they needed.

We have been travelling for over 3 weeks now and its funny that every time we arrive at a hotel, we can’t remember which room we are in!

Actually, when we checked in today, we were excited to find out that the Sugar Babe have been staying at our hotel in Manchester and were spotted in the bar earlier on.

At the end of the long day, we headed to a restaurant called ‘Simply Heathcotes’ and sat down to a lovely meal before heading back to the hotel for a another night.

Off to Bradford tomorrow!!

The Touring Tribe

Bringing the Dream to the World