“Tour Diary” – Tribe Tour 2003 – Report 27

Meryl couldn’t resist the kiddy carts!

Dear Tour Diary,

Friday 28th March 2003 – Bradford

Up early and out of our most comfortable beds and we all met for breakfast.

After packing up our things we headed for Bradford which was about a 2 hour drive from Manchester.

On the way we stopped at a local pub for lunch where the boys played a few games of pool and the girls chatted over a cup of coffee.

Matt (Slade) and Meryl
at the signing in Bradford

The meal’s were great and we were all really full when we left.

We arrived in Bradford and went straight to Big W. Everyone changed into their costumes and makeup and then a journalist arrived from B-Line magazine. Some great photos were taken and then an interview with Meryl and Danny.

Four o’clock was approaching and we all headed downstairs and were excited to see a huge cue of people outside the store.

Meryl with big Tribe fan Robbie!

We met some fantastic people some of whom were dressed in tribal gears. Some had coloured hair, tribal markings, funky clothes and one girl even got her friend to braid her hair!

We signed for around 2 hours and had such a great time!

A group photo with
some fans in Bradford!

Then it was time to go and get changed and get back into our mini-buses for the trip to Birmingham. On the way we watched a couple of videos – Flashdance and Blade.

About a two and a half hour drive and we arrived in Birmingham and checked into our hotel. The city is bright and looks like a great town.

Tomorrow we are planning a trip to Cadbury World! All of the cast are mad about chocolate and we are really excited.

We can’t wait for the signing tomorrow! See you there!
The Touring Tribe

Bringing the Dream to the World