“Tour Diary” – Tribe Tour 2003 – Report 30

The cast and the competition winners have a go at pinball

Monday 31st March 2003

Dear Tour Diary

We all had a great lie-in whilst Emily and Saranne went shopping to get supplies like Soya Milk for Toni, razors for the boys and fruit for the girls. Then we met in the lobby of the hotel and met with the PR man, David for a chat about what the plan was for the rest of the week.

We all jumped into the bus and headed into central London for lunch with the Tribeworld.com competition fans at the Sports Café in Haymarket.

There were 3 lovely winners who had come from London and Southampton and were pretty excited to meet the cast.

We played pool and table football before we ordered our food and man was it a big meal! All the girls went for salad but Michael ate the biggest steak in the world! He just about managed to finish it but had no room for dessert. The rest of us managed to eat some ice cream and then it was time for autograph signing. Each fan was given a goodie bag from the Tribe Store and they were really pleased with that.

Time for farewells and the boys went back to the hotel for a steam in the sauna but the girls (and Michael) went shopping. They walked along Regent Street and headed to Oxford Circus where some went to Boots and some to Top Shop.

Everybody bought something and then they had to try to flag down a taxi or two in the rush hour traffic. That was a bit hard but they eventually managed to get hold of a couple and soon arrived back at the hotel.

A quick fifteen minute dash to get changed and freshened up for the evening ahead. Then we all jumped back in the tour buses to head to Belgos in Covent Garden for dinner with Five.

The cast and competition winners at the Sport’s Cafe

We ate from the 3 course menu and Michael and Tom were amazed and slightly stupified with the duck terrine which actually looked like dog food! The main course went down better with the cast choosing chicken or mussels and then there was ice cream for everyone before we tried to find the tour bus once more and made our way back to the hotel for another night’s sleep in our majorly comfy beds.

Michael was pretty excited when he spotted one of the Atomic Kittens arriving at the hotel and Tom told us how he chatted with Geoffrey Rush last night in the foyer (he starred in Shine amongst other things). There is also an American rock band staying at the hotel so the cast are always on the lookout.

The corridors at the hotel are really long and Michael always gets the mad urge to run down them so we don’t know what the other guests must think of us all!

Anyway, we have had a great time and can’t believe that we only have a few nights left here. We’re off to see Stomp tomorrow night so we’re all looking forward to that.

Lots of good memories to think about as we drift off to sleep.

The Touring Tribe

Tribe Tour 2003 – Bringing the Dream to the World…