“Tour Diary” – Tribe Tour 2003 – Report 31

Michael and Steven Spielberg ponder over their next movie!

Dear Tour Diary

Tuesday 1st April – April Fool’s Day!

We all got up early this morning and got into our costumes for some photos with the PR company. We were going to go on a sightseeing/picture taking trip around London but it was pouring with rain so we took some photos at the hotel.

Just after the photo shoot we saw an Atomic Kitten walking out of the hotel so she was pursued by Beth and Tom and the Herndog managed to get his picture taken with the very friendly kitten who recognised the gang. Herndog was excited to say the least and the other guys were left slightly jealous!

It was then time for a break and Matt and Danny chilled out in the sauna and spa for an hour whilst the rest of us organised our laundry and cases as things tend to get more than a little disorganised at times when you’re living out of a suitcase for so long.

Michael and Matt chat to Morgan Freeman

Meryl, Tom and Danny decided to stay in and spend the day chilling out (we think that Tom actually was hoping to come across the kitten again – cat meets dog) but the rest of us cruised into town and headed for Madam Tussauds.

Loads of pictures were taken – Saranne showed a healthy interest in Robbie Williams, Emily got close to David Beckham, Toni and Beth liked the look of Tom Cruise and Matt was smitten with Penelope Cruz. Michael meanwhile had to be dragged away from Sarah Michelle Geller.

After the wax museum we all proceeded towards a special exhibit about serial killers. This involved walking through a darkened area where live actors dressed as inmates jumped out from the shadows and scared the living daylights out of our wee group. Matt forged ahead to make sure that the coast was clear in true hero style, the girls all kept together and held hands (okay, and screamed a lot!) and Mike brought up the rear.

We got out of there safely and after having a cup of tea and a calm down we went to the Planetarium where we watched a great show based on the animated movie Treasure Planet.

Lunchtime and we ran across the road to grab a bite before heading over to the Natural History Museum where we all checked out the enormous blue whale replica and skeleton as well as many other fascinating exhibits.

By the end of our trip Toni had sore feet as she was wearing some new shoes so the gallant Mr. Wesley Smith decided to throw her over his shoulder and carry her all the way back to the bus, much to the amusement of some old ladies who were enjoying a nice cuppa in a nearby café.

Toni gets sore foot treatment from Mikey

Back to the hotel for a quick freshen up and then the whole group hopped back into the bus and headed to the Vaudeville Theatre to watch Stomp.

Man what a show! We were all totally blown away and spent the entire evening cheering and clapping in awe. The performance was electric and there were some comic moments that had us all rolling around in laughter. Each member of our group has a very distinctive and catchy laugh and when we all laugh together it can be pretty loud so we got a lot of the audience laughing at us as well as the performers.

We didn’t want the show to end and when it did we spent the next couple of hours discussing how amazing it was and we were all eager to buy some brooms and dustbins.

Back to the hotel and everyone went off to bed. We have an early start tomorrow for our trip to the BigW in Bristol which will be our very last public appearance of the tour. It is also Meryl’s 19th birthday so we want to make sure that she has an awesome day and we will try to spoil her a bit. We have all chipped in to get her a massage (she loves them) and will try to pick her up something special tomorrow too.

So if you see us tomorrow remember to wish Miss. Cassie a happy birthday and try to come on up to Bristol to say hi to the rest of us too!

The Touring Tribe

Tribe Tour 2003 – Bringing the Dream to the World…