“Tour Diary” – Tribe Tour 2003 – Report 32

The tour group at the Tower Bridge

Wednesday 2nd April 2003

Dear Tour Diary

Up early this morning and we all wished Meryl a Happy Birthday then it was in to costume and makeup for a whistle stop tour around the sights of London. We visited the Tower Bridge, The London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

We were chuffed to be able to see the sights of London because our schedule has been so busy that we thought we might not be able to. It was a freezing cold day but we enjoyed the walk around Westminster.

Having fun at the London Eye

Then it was lunch on the go and a two and a half hour drive to Bristol. The long drive was great and the scenery was beautiful.

Many fans have said south England is the place to be. Some of us got a bit of shut eye on the road and some of us chatted. Drives in our mini buses are great because we all get going and have some great laughs.

We got to Big W with a bit of time to spare and then we had an interview with SFX magazine. They were great and asked us some really great questions. Then we each had a photoshoot and in no time it was time to meet the fans!

Some fans had come from Wales and some fans we’d met previously at the Birmingham signing were also there. Lots of great people and lots of fun. We love it!!

About 400 fans at the Bristol signing

It was time to go so we all hopped back in the buses and said goodbye to Bristol.

Once back in London we headed back to our hotel and had a celebratory meal and a drink for Meryl’s birthday. We’d organised a huge cake and we all pitched in to get Meryl and massage which she’ll have tomorrow.

Another great day coming up tomorrow with interviews galore and then we’re all off to a play for the evening – Yah!

Marrissa a big Zoot fan at Bristol today