“Tour Diary” – Tribe Tour 2003 – Report 34

The cast and pupils playing theatre games at George Green’s School

Friday 4th April 2003

Dear Tour Diary

Up with the birds today and we all piled into the mini bus and headed for George Green’s School in the Isle of Dogs.

It’s a multi cultural school that welcomes all students. The cast were there to talk to one of the drama classes about the show, acting and issues that are dealt with in The Tribe.

As well as discussion there were some great role plays and theatre sports games which the cast joined in with. The morning was full of laughs and the cast really enjoyed themselves.

After we left the school we headed to Greenwich and stood on the dateline which was really cool. Then we had lunch in Greenwich and had a wee browse of the local shops.

Back to the hotel and we all got into costume and makeup and headed for the Sky studios. We were to make an appearance on their Sky 1 show called Showcase. The six of us sat in a very intimate studio as poor Meryl was at the hotel with a bad tummy bug and we were asked some really interesting questions and had a great time.

Back to the hotel again and we all split up to do our own thing. The girls went to their room to watch some good old British tele while the guys watched a DVD together and then went for a steam and sauna.

Tomorrow we are all going to gather and watch The Tribe on Five in the morning and we’ll see what the rest of the day brings!!

A squirrel – how cute! We don’t have them in New Zealand!