“Tour Diary” – Tribe Tour 2003 – Report 35

Shopping in Leicester Square

Saturday 5th April 2003

Dear Tour Diary
Wow! We all got a real sleep in this morning and most of us didn’t get up until 10.00am. Everyone piled into Emily and Saranne’s room and watched The Tribe on Five. The cast love watching the show and laughing at each other in particular scenes. They know each other so well they find a smirk or a funny look in the show very amusing!

After that everyone was keen to head into the city so we all decided to hang out in Leicester Square for the day. There were some great street performers in the square and we sat and ate lunch while watching them. At one stage Tom even joined them! He’s a great performer and loves a crowd.

Michael finds some sunglasses!!

We all did a bit of shopping for ourselves and for our friends and family back home. Michael has been looking for a pair of sunglasses for weeks now and today he finally bought two pairs after much humming and harring…

Later on the guys and Toni decided to head back to the hotel. Toni had a friend from France that she wanted to catch up with and the guys needed their daily steam and sauna fix.

While they headed back Beth, Saranne and Emily decided to go and see a movie. They chose Chicago. A great film that they all enjoyed – as well as the popcorn!!

Back to the hotel and we got some fantastic news – Tom had run into the Sugababes PR Manager and he had offered two tickets to the Sugababes concert tonight! So Toni and Tom headed off while the rest of us sulked that we couldnt’ go too!

Tom and Matt

Bedtime for the rest of us and we’re thinking of heading to the South Bank tomorrow to watch the boat race on the Thames which we’ve heard so much about.

More tomorrow!!

The Touring Tribe

Tribe Tour 2003 – Bringing the Dream to the World…