“Tour Diary” – Tribe Tour 2003 – Report 37

Friday 7th April 2003

Dear Tour Diary

Well the cast had whirlwind last few days!

On Monday 7th April we all headed down to the Cloud 9 office in London and signed lots of merchandise for further publicity use. This took most of the morning and we decided that since it was our last day in London we had better cram in some more shopping!

While some of us headed back to the hotel the rest of us headed for Kensington High Street where we managed to spend a few more pounds on pressies and stuff for ourselves of course!

After lugging all our shopping bags back to the hotel in the late afternoon we relaxed for an hour or so and some of us started packing.

In the evening we headed out for dinner with all the Cloud 9 team from London. We went to a lovely Mexican restaurant called Mexican!

We had real laugh as each of the group choked on some of the hot food and downed glasses of water to stop the burning!

We all headed back to the hotel and collapsed into bed. Packing could wait until tomorrow!

Tuesday 8th April

Our last day! It was quite weird having to pack up all our stuff. Some of us needed extra bags because our suitcases were full – too much shopping ah!

Michael ran around in a mad panic when he couldn’t find his camera – it turned out he’d already packed it!

After saying goodbye to our driver (Dave) and to all the lovely people at the Cloud 9 office we jumped into our bus and headed for Heathrow.

We got there really early so we could fit in some more shopping and check in our huge amount of bags. We could’t quite believe we were leaving!

We were all so tired that the 12 hour flight passed very quickly. Most of us slept through it!

At Singapore (by this time the 9th April) we managed a little more duty free shopping and relaxed in the business class lounge for an hour or so before getting on our flight to Auckland. We were a little more refreshed for this flight so we managed to watch the in flight movies as well as get a bit of shut eye.

We arrived in Auckland on 10th April where we sadly said goodbye to Danny and Beth whose families met them with much rejoice. It was sad having to say goodbye after sharing so much time together.

The rest of us were off to Wellington and Tom was off to Christchurch so another sad farewell to him as we departed to our gates.

In Wellington another mad reunion with our families and partners that had come to meet us. More sad goodbyes but lots of smiles when thinking back on a fantastic five weeks away.

So many great memories and so many laughs….
The Touring Tribe

Tribe Tour 2003 – Bringing the Dream to the World…