Tribe Summer Tour 2003 – Report 6

Friday – 22nd August – Tour Diary

It was great to have a bit of a sleep in this morning before heading down to the breakfast area to catch up with our old pal Marc, the journalist from YAM! magazine. We had a good laugh with him and then had big hugs to say goodbye.

Into the van and off to KI.KA studios. We got settled in to our favourite of all favourite green rooms and chatted with the team from KI.KA Time to go into the studio to do a rehearsal and run-through for the live show and then we had time to meet with a very special fan, Anja. Anja is 14 and has been very ill lately and her wish was to meet the cast. As we all know wishes do come true sometimes and we were so glad to be able to help Anja with hers. What a cool chick she was! We had a good chat with her (with the help of a wonderful translator) and we all had some photos taken together.

Anja came to the canteen for lunch with us and we talked about our pets and our home lives with her. It was quite a weird feeling to be eating lunch with fans watching us from outside. We wanted to go out and see them but we had a tight schedule to stick to and no sooner had we finished our food then it was time to get our costumes and make-up sorted. Then we went into the studios again and answered heaps of questions on the live Kikania show which we always enjoy doing.

It was all over so quickly and we were then whisked away upstairs for a live chat on the KI.KA website complete with web cams. There were loads of good questions so we had a laugh answering them.

Back downstairs to get changed and then we had some time with the fans outside the studios. We were given so many cool gifts and it was great to see so many familiar faces.

All too soon it was time to get into the taxi and we headed off to Erfurt train station and onto our train bound for Frankfurt. We all had the giggles on the train and we spent the whole journey being stupid.

We arrived at Frankfurt station and had 7 minutes to change platforms with all of our luggage to catch the connecting train to the Airport station which we managed with the help of 3 porters and a mad power walk through the station – we got some pretty strange looks along the way.

When we got to the Airport station we were pleased to find that the hotel was connected via a walkway so we were soon checked in and climbed into bed, conscious that we only had 5 hours until the alarm would go off to wake us up again.

Off to England tomorrow!

Tribe Tour 2003 – Bringing The Dream To The World…