Tribe Trivia 10: Mothers and Mothers’ Day

Ah, it doesn’t matter if you call her Mom, Mum, Mother, mama, mater or mummy-kins, we all have a mother – after all, where would we (and the world) be without them?

Mothers are an important part of life – and in the world of the Tribe…

This Tribe Trivia looks at some facts about Mothers and Mothers’ Day – and some Tribal mothers…

1. Adult Mothers in Tribeworld The first scene of the first episode of the Tribe has two Mothers in it… can you remember who? One of them is Trudy’s mum, in a pre-Tribe scene that takes place before the virus (her father is also in the scene).

And the other mother? It is Trudy herself – a mother to be, carrying the baby who will be known as Brady…

2. Dal’s mother Dal’s mother is also in the Tribe – can you remember when and where? It is in Series 1 when Dal is on a mission to the hospital looking for medication to help Trudy, who is ill. He stumbles upon a picture of his family in the hospital – and there you have it, a snapshot of Dal’s mother!

3. Teenage mothers Trudy herself is perhaps the most famous teenage mother in Tribeworld. But there are others…

In Tribe Series 3 the Chosen round up expectant mothers so they can raise their future children in the “widsom” and ways of Zoot and the Chosen. Bray and Lex find some of these expectant mothers and rescue them from the Chosen.

4. Pregnancy Before a mother can be a mother she has to be one important thing – pregnant! And pregnancy is a part of the storylines in the Tribe – both the good things (a father and mother’s love for the child) but also the more stressful things (morning sickness, worry and anxiety).

Some other pregnant characters in the Tribe storylines (look away if you don’t want to know – to avoid a spoiler, skip to the next paragraph!) are Salene and Amber. In a world without adults and a proper medical infrastructure, teenage pregnancy would probably become more widespread without contraceptives.

5. Phantom Pregnancy No, a phantom baby is nothing to do with ghosts! It is instead when somebody might think they are pregnant – or pretend to have had a baby, for whatever reason. Can you think which Tribe character did this…?

Well (look away if you don’t want to know – to avoid a spoiler, skip to the next paragraph!) Ebony pretends to have had a baby with Bray in an effort to antagonise Amber and drive her away from Bray. Ebony shows Amber a photo of herself, the baby and Bray – but it turns out not to have been Bray or Ebony’s baby, but instead Ebony’s little cousin!

6. Mother’s Day Why do we have Mother’s Day? Is it an excuse to give mothers lots of presents and attention? Or a reason to put aside a day to show Mothers how special they are and how you appreciate them for what they do and who they are – and love them?

It is this and more – but the origins of Mother’s Day can be traced back to the spring celebrations of ancient Greece in honor of Rhea, Rhea was the Mother of the Gods. During the 1600’s, England celebrated a day called “Mothering Sunday¹ which honored the mothers of England.

7. When is Mother’s Day Different countries celebrate certain different special days on various times of the year.

In Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia, the USA, New Zealand and Belgium, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. This year it is the 13th May. The UK celebrates Mothers’ Day in March.

8. No Mother’s Day Other countries and cultures do not have “Mother’s Day” as such due to different socio-cultural structures, historical reasons or partly due to other religious beliefs and attitudes. Mothers are appreciated and loved instead through other ways.

9. Mother’s Day in Tribeworld? Would there be a Mother’s Day in Tribeworld? Well, so far (at the end of Series 3) there has not been a Mother’s Day. Is it because Tribes don’t have “adult” mothers any more so this means Mother’s Day would disappear?

Is it because there is no broad based economy any more with companies, advertising, marketing and slogans to encourage Mother’s Day such as “Buy your mother something special this Mother’s Day” – does no shopping or money mean that some days when we may buy presents would change in Tribeworld – such as Christmas, Easter, birthdays and Mother’s Day?

We will just have to keep a look to the future and see what may happen in the storylines for Tribe Series 4…

10. How many mothers or mothers to be in Tribeworld? Think of main Tribe characters who speak in the series (instead of minor characters with no lines of dialogue) – how many Mothers or Mothers to be have there been in Tribeworld?

We think the answer is 6…

They are:

Trudy’s mum
Dal’s mum

Can you think of any more?