Tribe Trivia 11: How many adults have appeared in some shape or form?

In Tribe Series I there were a number of occasions where adults were in the storyline, script or dialogue. Some of them are tricky…

First of all you could say that Lex and Glenn were adults. They were both old enough to have caught the virus so they must have been adults.

Then there were the parents of certain Mallrats. In the first scenes of Tribe Series I, Trudy’s parents are with Trudy explaining that fate is taking over and that Trudy must save herself because there is no hope for them.

What about Dal’s family? Technically they were in Tribe Series I. Dal had gone to his fathers doctors clinic to find some drugs for Trudy when she had just given birth to Brady. Dal found a family photo – so, appearance of adults no. 4.

The next few are voices. They appear and you notice them straight away because they stand out. Because in the Tribe you are so used to hearing the kids it really stands out when you hear an adults voice.

The very first words ever spoken on the Tribe were spoken by an adult“Authorities are appealing for calm throughout the evacuation process” “Code 1. Civil Priority. Isolation now in effect. To avoid the risk of contamination please stay indoors and await further instructions…”

Very scary words in the mind of a child. Definitely a cause for panic.

There was also the voice at the end of Series I. The Mallrats were up at the observatory and managed to get the satellite moving

“If you are listening to this, the only hope for humanity lies with you, whoever you are. Listen very carefully to what I have to say …”

Can you think of any more…?

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