Tribe Trivia 14: Music

After the Executive Producer has locked off the rough cut edit the episode is dubbed off onto vhs and a copy given to the Music Editor.

The tape is viewed and “spotted” by the Music Editor who makes notes, including time codes of where he/she wants the different tracks.

The Assistant Music Editor then lays up all the tracks according to the Music Editors notes. This can take up to a week depending on the complexity of the episode.

There is then a playback for the Music Editor to fine tune any problems and another playback for the Executive Producer. Once the Executive Producer has approved the episode is locked off.

It then goes to the Dubbing Mixer where the music, dialogue and sound effects are all complied together.

Did you know…

On average between 12-15 minutes of music are used in a half hour episode of The Tribe. And there are up to 30 different pieces of music used in one episode.

The library of music available for The Tribe is quite large at around 12 hours worth of music to choose from.