Tribe Trivia 2: Behind the scenes trivia on people, film, food and drink and Bob the dogArchive Articles

How much do you know about The Tribe?

Did you know…

1. There were about 400-500 people involved in making the first series of The Tribe

This includes writers, actors, art and set designers, costume designers, make-up, lighting, camera people, directors, production crew, editors, music editors, sound effects, and administrative staff!

2. In the time it took to film the first series of The Tribe, over 230,000 cups of coffee and tea were consumed by everyone involved in making the series

That’s the equivalent of 2,500 jars of coffee (with 40 cups) and 2,500 packets of tea bags (with 40 bags).

For those of you who are really thirsty and love your tea and coffee, that’s enough coffee and tea to last a single person drinking 4 cups per day for almost 158 years!

3. Bob the dog

In real life, the dog who plays “Bob” the dog in the series is a four-year old Labrador – and his real name in real life is also “Bob”!

Bob’s original name was going to be “Sherbet” – but the animal trainers found it easier for Bob to recognise his real name “Bob” instead of his pretend name “Sherbet” – so the character was renamed Bob to match his real name!

4. The Tribe was filmed using highly advanced technology

The series was filmed on both 4×3 and 16×9 formats – which means that fans around the world can enjoy the series on both the television screens you use today along with the new widescreen television screens of tomorrow.

5. About 900 feet of film is used for every half-hour episode of The Tribe

That means about 47,000 feet of film was used in the first series with its 52 episodes.

That actually works out to over 8 miles of film – and that’s as long as a traffic jam with over 2,200 cars in a row!

6. Throughout the six-month production shoot of series one, about 30,000 meals were served to the cast and production crew during filming!

Those 30,000 meals would weigh about 30,000 pounds – or 13,000 tonnes!

That’s as heavy as 130 Blue Whales – or 37 Jumbo Jets!

A lot of food to cook and clean – imagine all the washing-up to do afterwards!