Tribe Trivia 3: Time, computers, scripts,lighting and electrical power making the Tribe

How much do you know about The Tribe?

Did you know…

1. It took over 250,000 people hours to make the first Series of the Tribe!

It took six months for the production team to film the 52 episodes of Tribe Series One and another six months for the series to complete post-production. Before the series was even filmed, there was a period of pre-production and planning that took about three months. And the 52 scripts for the series had to be written by the writing team, which took about six months.

All of the people hours for all of this work (about 500 people were involved in making Tribe Series One) added together comes to a huge total of over 250,000 people hours!

If one person was to make the Tribe themselves and worked 10 hours a day for 5 days per week, that number of people hours would take the one person over 96 YEARS to make the Tribe!

Series One is a total of 26 hours (52 x 26 minute episodes) that’s a total of 1352 minutes of screen time. Each minute of screen time took the equivalent of 11094 minutes to complete in real life people hours – that’s 185 people hours per minute of screen time a lot of hard work!!

250,000 people hours -that’s enough time to watch 576,923 half-hour episodes of the Tribe!!

2. Processor-power!

The computers used in post-production (for editing and music/sound effects) are very powerful – they each have memories of around 100 Gigabytes, which is the equivalent of about 20 of today’s normal desktop computers. That’s about 1.5 million times more than the memory a typical computer at home had 20 years ago. I want one for Christmas!

After post-production, tapes are then made of the finished show and these are sent off to different countries who want to show the series – and after years from having the original idea to the time spent then making the series, the Tribe hits TV screens worldwide.

3. Some facts about the scripts

There were 52 scripts for Series One of the Tribe, one script for every half-hour episode.

Each script of 26 minutes screen time had an average of about 6,000 words per script – that’s a total for the series of over 320,000 words.

The majority of this is made up of the actual lines of dialogue that are learned by the cast for the lines spoken by their characters. If you were reading all the scripts out aloud (and read at a rate of about 3 or 4 words per second) it might take you around 25 hours non-stop to read aloud all the scripts! And that’s without allowing time to pause for breath!

4. The power of bright lights!

Inside the studio and interior based scenes (but also used on exterior locations) are large lighting rigs that enable the best quality of light to be picked up by the cameras to record scenes on film.

The lighting rigs are each about 12,000 watts of electric output.

That’s the equivalent of over 200 lightbulbs per lighting rig, or 1,500 sets of Christmas tree lights!

5. More electric than a thunderbolt!

Powerful electrical generators are used by the production crew on location to power the lights, cameras, sound, video playback, catering and communication equipment.

These generators are over 65,000 watts of electric power that’s enough electricity to power 800 television sets!