Tribe Trivia 22: 200th Episode Special

200 episodes of The Tribe! This is a fact to celebrate! Over the four years The Tribe has been running there are many facts and bits of information that you might not know…

  • The 1st episode of The Tribe was shown on Channel 5 in the U.K on 24th April 1999.
  • Since then four series have been produced totalling 208 half hour episodes and the series has been met with a tremendous following from around the world. 208 half hour episodes is over 500 days of filming. 208 half hour episodes is as many as thirty five 90minute movies!
  • The Tribeworld website was launched in April 1999. Since then the official Tribeworld website has had well over 1.5 billion registered hits.
  • The site has had 10 million visits from fans around the world.
  • There have been many live cast chats with the stars of The Tribe. The first ever cast chat was with Caleb Ross in January 2000.
  • There are thousands and thousands of Official Tribe Fanclub members – at the time of writing we cannot say how many because of the special Fanclub competition running to see who can guess the closest number.
  • The first ever member of the Official Tribe Fanclub was Sophie Webber of the U.K.
  • Did you know you could throw a dart at a world map and the chance of it landing on a country/nation that shows The Tribe are 80%.
  • There have been four major overseas tours for cast of The Tribe to visit the U.K and Germany.
  • In addition to The Tribe being shown on television, they have also released a hit album, the Tribe can be bought on DVD and video and there are even books about The Tribe printed in both English and German.