Tribe Trivia 21: Your Questions

We’ve had a few questions sent in by fans that they would like answered – here they are!

Q – How many candles did you burn in the whole of series three, like in the room where the guardian was kept and so on and how long did it take to light them all?

by Amie Aitken

A – Our Art Department Assistant (pictured) was the one to light the candles. She said it probably took around 10 minutes to light them all and to account for some of them going out. Throughout the third series the Art Department worked out they used around 100 candles. They were only lit during a scene and then they were put out so they ended up lasting quite a long time.

Q – Are all the cast from new zealand?

by unknown

A – That depends what you mean exactly. Not all of them were born in New Zealand but they do or did all live in New Zealand.

Q – The actors from other countries who are young and still at school for example, when do they come to shoot and do they have to leave school, get tutors etc.?

I’d really like to know. Thanks. – Amie

A – All the actors live in New Zealand. The ones who are young and still go to school have a couple of options. Some of them get their teachers to send them work to do. The others do their school work by correspondence. We have a classroom at Cloud 9 and the younger kids are helped by two tutors during their breaks in filming.