Tribe Trivia 20: Tribe Tour Trivia

The cast (Caleb, Meryl, Michael and Victoria) were away for a little over 3 weeks travelling through Germany and England.

In this time:

  • They were flying in aeroplanes for 51 hours
  • They drove 1700 kilometres through Germany
  • During the three weeks they spent around 12 hours doing photoshoots for magazines, papers etc.
  • The most interviews they did in one day was at Cannelot Studios where they had 12 interviews one after another
  • The cast made a special live appearance in Birmingham plus they met lots of other fans around Germany etc – they signed around 6,300 autographs!!
  • Michael loves juice and we were told he drank around 5 glasses for breakfast and some more during the day! We worked out that Michael drank around 176 glasses of juice during the three week trip! That’s 44 litres.
  • Meryl loves fruit and she ate around 3 plates of fruit a day – that’s 66 plates of fruit in 3 weeks!
  • Tori loves watching movies and she always watched the movies on the plane. She watched around 10 movies in the 51 hours they were flying.
  • 30 hours were spent listening to music on the bus while travelling around Germany.
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