Tribe Trivia 24: Jack

Michael Wesley Smith tells us some trivia facts about his character Jack.

The make-up team spray his hair every morning with orange Fudge spray.

The make-up team use a toothbrush to colour the bristly bits of his hair.

Jack has only had one girlfriend in the show so far.

Jack’s new costume has a zip in a strange place.

Jack has only had around 6 or 8 changes of clothes since The Tribe began.

Jack’s favourite food is roast chicken.

Jack’s favourite drink is cola if he can get his hands on it.

Jack’s favourite card game is poker.

Jack is allergic to vegetables.

Jack likes to help homeless people.

Jack’s favourite colour is red.

Jack’s favourite phrase is “I’m a genius!”.

Jack is left handed.

Jack really misses his old buddy Dal.

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