Tribe Trivia 6: Rolls of film, phonecalls and litres of petrol!!

How much do you know about The Tribe?

Did you know…

1. Here is some trivia about how much film we go through in a series.

Here at Cloud 9 we use a few different types of film, firstly we use standard rolls of film for still shot photographs. In an average week our photographer goes through about 10 rolls of film, that’s 260 rolls per series. This is over 9,000 photos per series. If you actually laid out all of these photos in a square you would cover 1.3 miles square.

The other type of film we use is polaroid film. On average we take about 600 photos per month. That’s 3600 polaroid shots per series.

2. We have many vehicles transporting equipment and people…

In one series of The Tribe we use 78,000 litres of petrol. You could drive 870,000 kilometres on that amount of petrol which would be enough to get you to the moon and back. To put things in perspective this equates to about 220,000 cans of softdrink. 220,000 cans piled one on top of the other would be 92,000 feet high (28km high).
This is almost three times the size of Mt Everest. To put this in pints of milk terms this would give you 130,000 bottles of milk. 78,000 litres of petrol would also be the same as 1.3 million tubes of toothpaste. If you go through a tube a month that amount of toothpaste would last you 108,000 years.

3. Gaffer tape… (linen or duck tape)

520m of gaffer tape is used in a typical week around the office, studio etc. This equates to about 13,520 metres of tape per series. 45,000 feet of Gaffer tape!!!! You could line up in a row 3000 elephants to cover 45,000 feet. 45,000 feet is as long as 90,000 hotdogs.

4. Cloud 9 studios incoming phonecalls…

Cloud 9 receives 4000 phonecalls a month. This is 24,000 calls in one series. If the average call is one minute that is 24,000 minutes of talking or 400 hours. That would take nearly three weeks to talk non stop.
24,000 minutes is as long as 200 Shakesperean plays. In 24,000 minutes you could say the word TRIBE, 16 million times.