Tribe Trivia 7: Love in The Tribe!!

Love is a big part of The Tribe – and real life – and here`s some trivia about Love in The Tribe:

1. Who has kissed the most? Well, Bray has definitely kissed 6 girls – Salene, Trudy, Amber, Ebony, Danni, and Moon (sneaky preview for Series 3!).

And a close runner-up is Lex, who has kissed 5 girls – Zandra, Tai-San, May, Ebony, Alice – and he has also tried to kiss Amber and Salene at different times!

2. Never been kissed! Love may be a big theme in The Tribe but some characters have never been kissed and never had a romantic relationship, sad to say!

KC has not had a romantic relationship and neither has Dal (although Dal liked Trudy for a time) and neither have been kissed – yet!

3. Romantic dinners There are few things nicer in love than a nice romantic dinner. Sure it is always nice to enjoy good food – but how better to also enjoy a nice evening or meal talking with someone, getting to know them?

Lex (we think!) has had the most romantic dinners – on different occasions, he has had romantic meals with Zandra, Salene, Tai-San and once with Trudy (when Trudy cooked Lex something very memorable – a type of “rat-atouie!”).

As the couple perhaps most blessed with true love, it may seem odd but we cannot recall any occasion when Bray and Amber had a romantic meal together…

4. The day of love – Valentines Day February 14th may be celebrated by many as the day of love and things to do with romance – but we believe Valentines Day has never been celebrated in the world of the Tribe – not yet anyway!

5. Some famous Tribe love moments Who can remember:

– Amber hugging Sasha and declaring her love for him with “… to hell with the future!”

– Bray and Amber swapping gifts – Amber giving Bray her father`s ring, Bray giving Amber a key – “…the key to my heart”

– What about the infamous dinner cooked up by Zandra for Lex? Lex provided the ingredients, Zandra cooked them up – and Henrietta the chicken moved from being a pet to being on the plate!

– And remember Salene and Ryan`s romantic evening when they pretended to be in Venice, with KC and Dal serenading them and pretending they were in a gondola/nice restaurant?