Tribe Trivia 8: Music, Actors, Makeup and The Tribe!

How much do you know about The Tribe? Did you know…

1. What about Music in The Tribe?

The average length of music used in one episode of the Tribe is 19 minutes. 19 minutes an episode x 26 episodes = 474 minutes of music. 7.9 hours per series. It takes around 5 days to match all the music to an episode. It is a time consuming process getting it down to the last frame. Around 250 different pieces of music are used in The Tribe.

2. The Makeup Department!

In one series of The Tribe the Makeup Dept use around 104 cans of hairspray, 52 containers of Gel, 130 tubes of hair colour and 26,000 cotton buds!

The average amount of time that any one actor sits in the makeup chair is 30 minutes. Throughout a whole series of The Tribe an actor can spend up to 65 hours or more just getting their hair and makeup done! Talk about pampering!

3. How many actors are used for a series of The Tribe?

There are around 20 main actors used throughout the series. We also have Guest Cast that are used on and off throughout the series – there are 11 or so of these. Then there are the all important extras. In any one day we can be using up to 100 extras, especially for crowd scenes. Over a whole series we would probably on average use around 230 extras per month. That is nearly 1400 extras per series.

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