Tribestyle: Amber and Trudy’s Kidnap Costumes from Series 3

You love the look so much so we’re profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week we profile the kidnap outfits of Trudy and Amber in Series 3. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.

The Mallrats were about to have a celebratory dinner. The Guardian didn’t manage to blow everyone up and the bomb was disarmed. The Guardian was now going to go on trial and be made to pay for all his atrocities.

Meanwhile Ned who had agenda’s of his own decided that The Guardian would fetch a great price – seeing as he was such a wanted man. Ned decided to kidnap Amber and Trudy and negotiate The Guardian’s release. His plan backfires but the costumes these girls wore for the briefest of moments were definitely something. Unfortunately we couldn’t find every piece but we have the main ones.

This green top was worn by Trudy. It is made of quite thin lycra type material it is very stretchy. It has a high neckline that is trimmed with black elastic edging. This holds it nice and tight around the neck. The top has no shoulders but has short sleeves. A lot of Tribal tops were made this way during Series 3 and 4. The top is very short and comes to just under the bust.

The dress that Trudy wore over the top is made of a sheer fabric that has a satin type pattern to it. It’s hard to describe the pattern but from a distance is almost animal like. The sheer fabric is sewn over bright red satin which lines the entire dress. The cut really is bizarre. It has a short sleeved singlet like top half. The front is very low cut and one side crosses over and secures with two domes on the right.

There is a large gap around the left hand side of the waist but on the right side it carries down the side as usual. As you can see from the picture on the left the dress is seperated into a few parts and folds over each way and secures with internal silver domes. The cut on the bottom is similar to other costumes – namely May’s skirt in series 3.

Along with these pieces Trudy wore a long pair of satin pants that matched the shade of her dress. They have a split at the bottom. She also wore some amazing pink cowboy style boots and long thin silver necklaces to complete the look.

Amber’s outfit was very cool. Not many people could pull it off! The dress is made of orange lycra with a snakeskin print. It has spaghetti straps made of blue lycra and the top of the dress around the neck as well as the little hole in the middle is also lined in blue lycra.

The bust of the dress is very short around the sides but does come all the way down the front and back. The sides have been cut away but little loopholes have been left and these are criss cross tied with blue drawstring. As the dress extends to the waist it widens again and actually joins again at the side. The front panel is very short like a mini skirt and the back of the dress is long – below the knees.

Over the dress Amber wore this lovely beaded singlet. The singlet is actually crocheted and each little loop has a lovey multi-coloured bead threaded on. The criss cross of the stitch makes the top a little stretchy and sit really well. The neckline has been lined in bright blue elastic edging.

The front of the singlet has been gathered from the bottom middle to half way up. This has been secured witha large metal clip.

Under the dress Amber wears some bright blue lycra. These are either shorts or a very short mini skirt – cannot quite tell from the photos and unfortunately we couldn’t find them.

Amber wore long blue arm sleeves and had large metal arm bands just above the elbow. These metal arm-bands also match her chunky metal choker that actually does up at the back with criss crossing black drawstring. She also wore knee high black boots to top it all off.

All in all these were some pretty funky costumes!