Tribestyle: May’s Tribe 3 costume

You love the look so much so we’re profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week we profile the costume May wore during Series 3. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.

May had released herself of most of her leather gear and opted for something a little less punk/gothic. This outfit was much more feminine – especially the colours. At this stage in Series 3, May is trying to decide what is happening between her and Pride. Everything seems to be fine on the surface with their relationship but May knows that Pride still has feelings for Amber.

May explains to Pride why she can’t cope anymore. “Because you are everything I ever wanted. Because I love you and I know you don’t feel the same. … I can’t live like that – okay- being around you, not being able to touch you, seeing you every day knowing you don’t want to see me; It’s like a torture. And how long will it be until I became a nuisance? Pride declares he does love her. After saying it again, they hug, but the look in his eyes says he didn’t mean it.

This pink halter neck top is made of bright pink and black lycra. The main body of the top is pink but from under the arms coming around in a curve on both the front and back is the black insert. This pattern really makes the waist look much smaller.

Because it’s a halter neck the neckline comes up high around the neck. The straps are connected around the neck and actually cross over around the back and secure again at the top of the back.

The top also has a keyhole in the front that sits just below the neck.

Over her lycra top May wore this yellow mesh top. The pattern on this is really quite cool. It looks as if the fabric is a pane of glass that has been shattered into tiny fragments. This is also in a halter style. The sleeves are a little different – basically a hole has been cut out of the top of the sleeve to show off the shoulder.

May has mixed and matched this outfit. she also had a white mesh top that she wore over a very similar pink halterneck. With this outfit May also wears coloured tights or leggings. In the photos above they were a bluey/green colour but earlier they were actually pink.

Over her tights May wears this skirt, of sorts. The main base of the skirt is made of black waterproof material. The sort of material you might imagine a long waterproof sleek black coat would be made of.

The black part of the skirt is very a-frame. It is shorter at the front than it is at the back. A pink panel has been sewn into the front.

This skirt also has a second layer. Actually attached by domes to the back inside of the skirt there is a longer layer attached. It is similar to what you might think “tails” are on a proper dinner suit. But obviously much more funky and tribal! Everything is cut at odd angles and the fabric is two-toned. So on one side the dominant thread is blue and the other is green. It also has a little shimmer to it.

Down each side of the black part of the skirt there is attached 10 domes. There are also another four around the back of the skirt at the top and these actually hold the blue/green part of the skirt there.

The skirt does up with a zip in the middle of the back.

May’s jewellery with this outfit is not all shiny and pretty. This is still a pretty alternative style so May wears large white waffled arm bands and a large neck band the same. These also do up with domes in keeping with the style of the skirt.

Along with these pieces May would sometimes wear her painted black leather jacket from series 2. Take a look at May’s Series 2 oufit for more info on this jacket.

Another Tribe Style coming soon…