Tribestyle: Amber’s First Ever Tribe 1 Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is one of Amber’s Tribe 1 costumes. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.

Last week we profiled the first leather outfit that Amber wore in Series 1. This week we’ve managed to dig out her first ever costume in the whole series!

This was worn by Amber in the very first scenes of The Tribe when Amber was establishing herself as a leader within The Tribe.

She saved Cloe from the Locos and then settled everyone into the Mall for safety.

This outfit is typical of the sorts of clothes the kids of the city would have scrounged for in the months following the virus. Not quite like the trend setting bright outfits that came in later series’.

First of all Amber wore this leather vest. It is made of brown leather with the suede side out so it is a little fluffy. It is very short and would barely cover the midriff. The front is panelled and at the bottom there are splits on each side. The middle front of the top has two vertical boning strips and the front is held together by a seperate piece of leather sewn across both sides to kee them together.

The back is pretty much the same design with two slits also cut at the bottom. There is a long brown zip that does up at the back. On both the front and the back there are curved pieces of leather sewn from each slit up to the shoulder blade and arm holes.

The vest is lined on the inside with black cotton fabric.

The jeans Amber wore were very high waisted and so even though her top was very short, she wasn’t baring her tummy too much as the jean’s compensated.

The jeans are dark blue witha criss crossed lighter sections stitched onto the front of each leg. They are done up with a button fly and have some very unusually detailed pockets. On the right hand side there is the usual side jean pocket with a little coin pocket inside it. But underneath that there is another straight pocket and over that there is sewn a little double pocket with a seperator in the middle. That makes five pockets on the right hand side!

On the left hand side there is also the standard jean pocket with a little coin pocket inside it. Underneath this there is sewn a gathered piece of denim that looks like a big ruffle as it goes around the side of the leg.

Underneath this there is a very large pocket that sits on the side of the leg. It does up with a dome flap and has a pleat sewn into the face of it.

The back of the jeans is pretty standard and there are two large bum pockets, one on either side.

The jeans are tapered and have elastic attached to the bottom as Amber wore these jeans tucked into a huge pair of black boots.

With this costume Amber also wore this large denim jacket which you can read about in her other Series 1 costume Tribestyle.

Another Tribe Style coming soon…