Tribestyle: Amber’s Tribe 1 Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is one of Amber’s Tribe 1 costumes. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.Amber is an attractive, fiery, intelligent girl who initially leads the group out of immediate danger and gathers everyone together. Even at 14 she was streetwise and smart.

She provided comfort for the youngest of the group and stability and leadership for the others.

Although everyone, namely Lex, wasn’t interested in being led by a girl, she, along with Bray did a great job at looking after everyone and moving forward in a brand new world.

This very tight fitting leather outfit was extremely flattering on Amber and one of the very first in the series.

Her top is very tight fitting and is made of very dark green leather. It is a sleeve-less vest with fitted sides and along waist that splays at the bottom to sit over the hips.

On the front around the waist there is a pocket on either side. These are done up with big black plastic zips as is the one that does up right up the middle

Around the bottom of the top there is a large matching green leather belt. This loops around the waist and has a double pronged round buckle at the front.

Amber’s leather pants are also tight fitting. They are 3/4 pants and go to just below the knee. Again they are made of the same green leather.

They have a short waistband and are done up with another large black plastic zip up the front. Two more hidden pockets sit on each hip.

Each leg has a seam down the front and on the left leg seam there is a large peace sign patch across the thigh.

On the other side there is also a peace sign patch but this is more on the side of the leg.

The bottom of each of the legs is split to fit better around the knees. The splits are on the front seam.

Through a lot of Series 1 Amber wore this large denim jacket.

It is made of black denim but is quite faded. It is made in a trench coat style and is very heavy. There are two breast pockets at the front and jacket does up at the front, all the way down, with silver domes.

Around the neck, shoulders and on the elbows there are patches sewn with criss crossed brown cotton. Down nearer the thighs of the jacket there are two more large deep pockets.

The crazy thing about this jacket is that it comes to pieces. Both arms are unzippable and so is the jacket from the waist down. At one stage during Series 1, Amber wore only the top half of the jacket as it was unzipped at the waist.

With this outfit Amber wore large leather boots with large heel and she also wore a fairly large peace sign as a necklace. . It was a blue necklace with the peace sign in silver.

Another Tribe Style coming soon…