Tribestyle: Luke’s Tribe 3 Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is Luke’s second Tribe 3 costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.On the outside, Luke is the Guardian’s deputy – it is he who disciplines the Chosen and carries out the Guardian’s orders – or so it used to be.

Luke is a believer in order and stability, He genuinely feels the new world can be mad good in a good and positive way.

After he leaves the Guardian he still wants to do right by the people of the city and settles into a relationship with Ellie.

But Jacks return and then the Techno’s arrival – well we just don’t know what happened to Luke…

Lukes long sleeved top is made of a bright fluro green fabric. It is stretchy and is almost flannel looking. It has a crew neckline which is trimmed in bright red lycra. Across the front is a panel which is actually a very fine plastic that has been sewn over the green flannel and has been criss-crossed in large red stitches.

These panels have been replicated on the forearms and around each forearm there are two more of these panels on each arm.

Lukes vest is rather interesting because of the label on the inside which we’ll come to later.

The vest is made of a thick weave blue cotton. Down the front is a very large toothed red zip. The red is also used as detail on the very large front left pocket. The vest has large velcro fastenings that go from around the back to the front and there are two on each side.

Hanging off the bottom front of the vest is a plastic clip onto which you could hang something.

The back of the vest also has a large pocket with red detail. On the inside of the vest there is a large velcro opening perhaps into which you could place body armour.

The label on the inside of the vest reads:

Cover Body Armour is UN Blue.
NATO size 7080/0010
To be used with filler combat body armour.

We wonder where the costume department got this vest. But it makes for reading.

Next Luke wears these leather pants. They are made of blue leather and have a very tapered leg. They do up at the front with a long metal zip and there isn’t really a waistband to speak of.

At the knees there is extra padding in a few panels so it’s possible these could have been motorcyle pants before being tribalised But then again maybe the costume department made them that way. Along the inside leg has been sewn a bright red cotton panel or trim.

This extends around the back and partly over the bum. Down each leg has been painted in silver a flame type design. This has been hand-painted rather than using a stencil as each side is different.

Another Tribe Style coming soon…