Tribestyle: Ebony’s Tribe 2 Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is one of Ebony’s Tribe 2 costumes. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.

Ebony has always been in leather and her tops have always been a new funky cut each time. With odd angles and bits cut out here and there they’re certainly different and they really suit her.

Unlike some of Ebony’s other costumes there is no red leather in this one!

They’re often a little revealing of her midriff and this top is no exception.

I guess you could say this top is kind of like a bodysuit in that it incorporates the underwear as well to keep it in place.

It is made of black and brown leather. The black leather is used with the smooth side out and the brown leather is used with the suede side out so it’s a little fluffy. The brown leather extends over the shoulders and down through the middle of the top with the black leather being used around the sides and edges.

The sleeves are not like normal sleeves and this design is in quite a few tops in The Tribe. There is enough sleeve to cover the shoulder but there is no under arm as such. And at the end of the sleeve there is a loop of leather as a cuff.

This is a tight fitting top and across the front is threaded thick elastic cord in a criss cross through eyelets on either side. This crosses Ebony’s bust.

Down at the belly button a triangle has been cut out and shows off Ebony’s belly button bar. This design was also used in Ebony’s Series 3 red leather top.

Around the waist the sides have been cut out and give an hour glass shape to the hips.

The top extends right down and has a black net bottom to it. The front leather piece extends down and does up with the bottom with some little plastic domes.

The back is the same with the brown leather forming the middle and shoulders of the top and there is a long metal zip that extends right down the back.

Ebony’s pants are made for the most part of leather also. The leather is a purple/brown colour.

The remainder of the pants is a stretchy thick black netting. Down each side of the pants the leather stops and the black netting forms the sides. There is a lot of fabric there and the sides have been made extra large but are pulled and gathered together with thick black elastic cords that criss cross down through the leather and pull the pants in at the sides. There is also a zip that runs down both legs at each side underneath the criss cross elastic.

There are no pockets on these pants and they do up with a standard fly at the front with a dome at the top.

They are fully lined in black satin.

With this style Ebony wore her hair in blonde and brown braids, which were sometimes curly braids as well. She wore them in three pig-tails on her head around which were metal spirals. She wore two large chunky necklaces too.

Around her right arm she had white feathers attached with a criss crossing red band and she wore a large silver bracelet on her left wrist.

Finally she wore knee high black boots. They laced right up to the knee and had a metal piece on the back of the heel.