Tribestyle: Siva’s Tribe 4 Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is Siva’s Tribe 4 costume after she ran away from The Tecno’s. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.

Before this costume Siva was always seen in a Techno’s outfit.

She donned this outfit to sneak out and mingle with the rest of the population and meet Lex in his hideout.

Siva is pleased to be with Lex but is weary of the consequences if Ram found out. She’s afraid of him and knows that his temper can be verocious.


These pants are not your normal type of pants. It’s not often you find woollen pants these days! In fact you have to wonder where the wardrobe department even managed to find such material!

They are made of thick wool and the pattern is similar to a tartan design with a caramel, white and yellow pattern.

The front of the pants have an extra flap that folds over the front and is dotted in silver eyelets around the rim.

The pants do up at the front with a yellow zip and there is also a little hook and clasp at the top of the zip.

The pants have a straight cut leg and have splits on the outside of the leg from about the knee down. The back of the pants also has an extra piece sewn to the waistband that extends around the lower back. It is actually two pieces and they meet in the middle and are pulled tight with a large black shoelace threaded between four eyelets on either side.

This vest that Siva wears is made of a very leather feeling vinyl. It is lined with blue polar fleece so would be very warm to wear. It has a large blue hood attached behind the collar.

The front zips up and there is an over flap to the zip where little round metal discs have been attached with a square piece of see through plastic sewn over each one. These are replicated beneath the flap to the left of the zip on the body of the jacket.

Down the right hand side of the front of the jacket are sewn two racing strips. These are red and white ribbon. Just at waist height there are two front pockets. These are flat pockets and there is one on each side.

This litle top Siva wears under her little wrap around cardigan. It is very sheer so is a very lightweight stretchy fabric. It is in a singlet style with wide shoulders and is tight fitting.

The pattern is very Japanese and depicts two Japanese women in full traditional dress. It is very colourful and the background is a purple colour.

The front has been gathered together vertically and held in place with a strip of light blue fabric sewn down the middle.

Ebony’s pants are made for the most part of leather also. The leather is a purple/brown colour.

Lastly is this very unusual cardigan – if you can call it that. It is made of black wool but has had many little squares cut out of it. It certainly has shoulders and long sleeves but the front of it barely goes below the neck. The two front pieces cross over and taper very sharply into two long thin straps. These straps go around the back and then do up again around the waist.