Tribestyle: Clothes, Style and Fibres

Clothes are such a big part of who we are. Your clothes are either “in fashion” or they’re not. They shape the way we feel and can give us great self confidence when we know we look great. Clothes have been around for thousands of years and they are getting more and more sophisticated in both their design and their textile properties.

The Mallrats have many bright and wonderful clothes. It identifies them as a person and their is no conformity within their group. With no parents to tell them what to wear and to set the budget, the kids can have whatever they can find. Often kids will see what someone else is wearing and want it too. But in the Tribe they wear whatever they want.

There are many fibres used in clothing both man-made (Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester, Rayon) and natural (Cotton, Silk, Wool and Flax).

The oldest natural textile fibre is Flax. Used around 5000 BC this fabric was thought to have first been used by the Egyptians. All natural fibres have a long process to prepare them for weaving or knitting. Flax has long been a very tribal fibre. It is very hardwearing and not too hard to prepare. The Maori’s use it a lot for weaving baskets and if it is soaked and beaten enough the fibres become very thin and then it can be used to weave rope. A grass skirt can be weaved from very fine flax and reeds, a Maori flax skirt is called a piu piu.

In Tribeworld the kids are lucky that there are still clothes to keep them warm. So far they have been able to scavenge for fabrics and old clothes and have been very lucky in their selection of clothes. Living in a Mall must have its advantages when it comes to clothes. Perhaps they sew them themselves? Jack does have batteries for sewing machines afterall…. But as with all things in Tribeworld, nothing lasts forever.

When their sources dry up they are going to have to think about making their own fabrics. This will depend on many factors. Will they have sheep to shear for their wool? Will they know how to grow cotton?

Many factors will decide what their next style may be…