Tribestyle: Lex’s Tribe 1 and Tribe Costumes

Lex has always worn tight fitting t-shirts and more often than not, they’re black. His trousers from Series 1-3 were always made of heavy material and were combat style in the way they were designed. Lex had a macho image to live up to so there were no lovely dress pants for this guy!

This week we’re taking a closer look at one of Lex’s costumes from Series 1 and one from Series 3. They’re similar in style – both are denim pants and black v-neck tops. But lets take a closer look.

This top of Lex is made of black lycra and he wore it in series three. The neckline is doubled over and double stitched. The right side of the neck extends all the way down the chest to the left underarm in a cross over type design.

It has very short sleeves and each cuff of the sleeve is trimmed in black leather with thick double stitching. This top is supposed to be tight so is made a little small and the lycra keeps it fitting nice and tight.
The pants Lex wears with this top are pretty different to your normal pair of pants. They are almost something that used to be called “pantaloons” because they flare out around the thigh and knee and then taper again towards the ankles.

The are made of a very faded black denim – in fact by looking at them I wonder if they were black denim but have been bleached many times over.

The waist is pretty standard with belt loops, a button and they have a button fly. But over the fly there is an extra little flap with black denim edging that folds up over the fly. It is done up with some fancy little bobbin things. The bobble bits sit underneath and poke through the metal holes on the flap and then the bobbles twist around to hold them in place.

There are two large side pockets on these pants and they both have the top edge trimmed in black denim.

Further down the pants flare out and the stitching coming down the legs forks into two. On the inside of the knees there has been sewn two yellow leather patches. On each side of the patch there are sewn three black eyelets – entirely for decoration.

Down the outside leg at the ankle there is in-sewn another yellow leather patch in a long oval shape. There are eyelets on either side and black drawstring is pulled through and keep the pants closed tight around the ankle – this helps keep the pants firmly inside the large black boots.

On the back of the pants there are two back pockets that sit on the bum. But they are joined in the middle by a bridge piece of denim with eyelets.

Lex’s Series 1 Costume

These pants are also made of denim but this time it’s black. For every seam and every stitch it is bright red double stitching. The fly is a dome fly and the jeans are quite high waisted.

There has been vertical cuts made down the front of each leg and each side has eyelets running down each side. The eyelets are threaded with black drawstring in a criss cross pattern all the way down the legs.

The back of these pants has some very fancy decorative work done with a sewing machine. On each bum cheeck there is a large spiralling circcle of little red arrows. Very eye-catching!

Lastly with these pants from Series 1, Lex wore this mesh t-shirt. The front is made of a thin brown mesh. In the middle of the chest the mesh has been puckered and sewn in a cross shape. On either side of this there is a black rectangle of black lycra sewn into the mesh. The neckline is a v-neck. The back of the t-shirt is made entirely of black lycra.