Tribestyle: Trudy’s Tribe 2 Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is one of Trudy’s Tribe 2 costume’s. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.

Trudy had a few costume changes during Series 2, particularly because of her role in The Chosen. This costume was sometimes worn with a large cloak over the top and fluffy shoulder top.

The best view of the costume was during the music video shoot. unfortunately we couldn’t find the brown top that she wore over the top of the singlet but here is the rest of the costume in this latest Tribestyle!


Trudy was much more confident in this series compared to Series 1. Her clothes weren’t quite so drab and she seemed a much happier person. But she was still wearing the browny, greeny, earthy colours that she used to.

This singlet top is pretty basic. It is made of a lovely cheetah print mesh. It has been lined, so as not to be see-through, with a cream coloured stretchy cotton. The front is reasonable wide and has a split at the top in the middle. The top has spaghetti straps which are threaded through the front and back top seams.

Because of this the fabric is gathered together at the back.

Trudy’s pants are made of a forest green nylon. They are quite fitted around the top and flare slightly at the bottom.

They have a wide waistband with a zip for the fly and then there are three eyelets that are pulled together at the top with black cord. Attached to the front of the waistband there are four buckles that are riveted and we’ll tell you what they’re for a little further down.

At the knees the pants are split open horizontally and the two edges are lined in black vinyl. This no doubt makes it much easier to bend your knees as this fabric isn’t stretchy at all.

The bottom of the legs are a little unusual. The back of them is longer than the front and the edging is again lined in black vinyl. There is a split up each leg at the front starting at the ankle.

There are no pockets sewn into these pants but they are attached seperately.

These funny little leg attachments are pockets! They are shaped to fit around the side of the leg. At the top they have two strips with holes in that attach to the buckles on the waistband.

So that they don’t flap around they also have a black vinyl loop that buckles around the leg. The pocket is a large one and there is even a smaller coin pocket just like pair of jeans.

With this outfit Trudy wore a large necklace. It was in a choker style and was made of plaited string. Strung to the front of it were three large white feathers. This necklace was made specially for the music video and the feathers would have matched the white feathers in Zoot’s hair.

Around her arm was tied a piece of flax which had a few leaves of ivy attached to it.