Matt Robinson (SLADE) Facebook Chat Transcript

The wonderful Matt Robinson (SLADE) took part in a live Facebook chat on The Tribe’s Facebook page in 2011 – and here’s a transcript of the chat in case you missed the original live event (or if you were part of it and want to experience it again!).

Loads of fans of The Tribe from all around the world took part in the live chat and asked Matt all kinds of things about being in The Tribe, his character Slade, what went on behind the scenes – and Matt’s passion for music (Matt is a great songwriter and musician, as well as a very talented actor).

So to celebrate Matt’s recent birthday in May, here’s another look at Matt’s Facebook chat. Β Thanks to all who participated – and to Matt himself!

Slade Matt Robinson

Β Q: Hi Matt, did you have to learn to ride a motorcycle for the role?

^ yes I did all my own stunts! πŸ™‚ I ride a bycycle but for insurance reasons wasn’t allowed to. For the movie, I know it’s in development!

Q: What would happen if ebony chose bray over you?

^ if Ebony chose Bray I’d be very upset and definitely have to hook up with Ruby to spite!

Q: I love Slade’s cocky demeanor and they way he gets away with pretty much everything but if you could have played any other character in the show, who would it have been and why? β™₯Β 

^Β if I could have played anyone else it would have been Lex, Caleb has that down so beautifully but I think Lex, there was always a similar energy with lex that I loved

Q:Β  Hello! How are you? Β  Β 

^ I am blooming brilliant thanks!

Q:Β Hi you have a girlfriend or are you married?

^ Hi Julia – I am married!

Q: What is your favorite TV show/Movie
^ wow, well fave TV show would be Dexter, also a huge fan of Six feet under… big fan of Firefly too. And filmwise, the one that blew me away more than anyfilm for years was Inception, just loved it!

Q: Who of the opposite sex tribe character would you like to play if you hade the chance?
^ Hi Amanda. It’s gotta be Ebony, I think she and Slade were almost mirror images, there was fun with that part

Q: How has life been treating you lately? ^^

^ Hi! Very good thanks, not much in the way of sleep thanks to my little boy but I wouldn’t complain about that for a second (Matt became a father recently!)

Q: hi matt loved you on the show Which scene from The tribe season 5 was most embarrassing to shoot?

^ Hi Amanda… I was most self-conscious the first time with Ruby in which I am topless and know I definitely did about 20 press ups before we called action and didnt breath out the whole scene!

Q: Hey Matt, hope your well πŸ˜‰ How was it like living in New Zealand doing TT and being away from the UK? πŸ™‚

^ Hi Scott. NZ is without doubt my fave place I have ever been to, we went there for our honeymoon and loved it so much, spoke about living over there, just beautiful. The scenery, the people, it’s so vivid and vibrant and straight away felt at home there. The biggest difference for me was the space there, spending days in London where it is crowded it was lovely to breath out!

Q: Are you friends with the other guys from The tribe?

^ Yes, very much so. Very big friends with Calen who designed a big tattoo I have on my right bicep. Big friends with Tom Hern, such an inspiring guy. Caleb… Still in touch with quite a few

Q: Is a tour planned with your band? (Maybe in Germany :D)

^ Hi Sabrina. I would love to go for sure, we would be there! Name the date and time and venue! πŸ˜€

Q: What was the scene like to film when Ebony bit your lip ?

^ Hi Matthew… hehehe, Meryl is such a pro she managed to get it in one take, at the time I said we could do it again but a lot of fun, she was very gentle!

Q: When is your birthday?

^ Hi Sarah, it is 12th May

Q: Hi matt what have. U been up to since the tribe ended and hows your band going?

^ Hey Jessica. Really good thanks, we used to be a duo and I know when we played at some Tribe conventions we were a duo, now we have a great drummer who made us sound bigger. Our new EP is on Spotify and iTunes. The best site would be our MySpace site which is, the links are all up there and the EP is called Breaking The Cages

Q: Was the tattoo on your arm in the tribe real? Cos I think it looked seriously cool!

^ Hi Oscar. It wasn;t real! But the fantastic thing was after the final day of shooting when the tattoo was removed, I had caught quite a suntan during fiming so I had this perfectly white branding where my tattoo had been and someone at the airport in Aucjkland said it was the coolest branding he had ever seen! πŸ˜›

Q: hey matt whats your fav moment u remember

^ I will sound cheesy but with my son at the moment when we put on music first thing in the morning when you are feeling tired and start dancing to it, it really lifts my spirits!

Q: Hey Matt, did you have a crush on any of the female cast members back in the day? If so, who and why?

^ Haha, I am a true professional so was focused on the work πŸ™‚ It helped that all of them to a girl were gorgeous

Q: I’m really glad you made it Matt! This is really fun talking to cast. I only have 2 questions this chat. 1. What is your favorite animal (mine is a tiger, Dwaynes is a Snow Leopard and Danny’s is a Dog) and 2. Do you write music for your band? or is it a collabo

^ Hi Lisa. Fave animal is a mole! Or a frog. And re the music I do all the lyrics and together the three of us do the music, might start like a piano song I wrote then the guitar and drums get added so it becomes a different beast so a very collaborative way

Q: Hey matt I know your now in a band are you doing any tour dates in bristol, also when you done the tour here in bristol with tribe 03 do you remember a girl in a wheelchair? Alot to ask I know but 8 years on I still love our photo together xxx

^ Hi Joanne! At the moment we are literally rehearsing and getting our live sound together so when we do some gigs we’ll have a good live sound. A gig coming up in Gloucester soon (TTO will keep in touch and advise dates so you all know). And I do remember and hope you are keeping well!

Q: what is it you miss most about the tribe and why?

^ I miss the people above all, made some really good friendships which will last a livetime but miss seeing everyone day to day, miss NZ, and miss the filming the main thing. A great crew, locations, and to play Slade was a dream role, who doesnt want to play a bounty hunter type of good guy/bad guy

Q: In Episode 46 (Series 5 obviously) you sneakily punched Lex at the bar… But who do you think would win in a real/fair fight if you’d have ever come to blows behind the scenes?…

^ Ooh, you know what if it was like Caleb and I we’d sit down and talk it over a fine bottle of wine

Q: omg your still going! i need to go to school I’m running late but um do you like horses? πŸ˜›

^ Hi Emma. I’ve only ridden one when I was a kid but would love to do a sweeping film epic where I have to ride horses!

Q: out of all of your cast mates who do you think was most like their charactor

^ Good question! I think Tom has this wonderful wacky energy, he is just unique and RAM had that similar energy. The one most unlike their character is Caleb because he’s the sweetest guy you could ever meet

Q: Hallo from Holland Matt, I was wondering: What’s one of your guilty pleasures? (Dwayne’s is Chocolate and Calen’s is Jilly Cooper Novells.. I guess mine is guys in kilts :P)

^ Hi Sabine…. Hehe, a guilty pleasure would be a TV show over here called Deal or No Deal, I get sucked into that. And there’s a programme called Rastamouse that is about a crime fighting Rastafarian mouse, my son loves it but mainly the parents!

Q: Hiya! I’ve been wondering for a while, did you do a voice over on one of the Lynx adverts?

^ Hi Nicola – that might have been from a promo reel I did for MIP (TV festival)

Q: hello, was there anything between you and ebony in reality and not just in the series

^ Hi Tony… hehehe no, her boyfriend was really big! πŸ˜›

Q: hey the fanbase is still big what do u think about it?

^ Hi Michelle, I think it is such a tribute to the show, writing, creation but above all, the fans are great and that’s brilliant we live in an age where people who connect with shows (like Firely too) are able to have a voice and without the fans, it wouldn’t be the same

Q: Hey matt πŸ™‚ … I’m from england and am such a fan of the tribe, I LOVE your character, especially the scenes with ruby and ram! is there going to be another series after that massive cliffhanger left on season 5?! x

^ Hi Anna, thanks so much! We all hope one day!

Q: hey matt, are you working on some new projects that we will be able to catch you in?? as it was a pleasure to see a fellow brit on my fav show!!x

^ Hi Khadija ! I think at the moment last year or so, immediate future is focusing on the music. Also doing quite a bit of voiceover but if the right opportunity came up TV wise then watch this space!

Q: Hi Matt, I was wondering, what inspired you to call your little boy Zachery? And if he was a tribe-baby, what would his tribal name have been?

^ Hi Sabine. Great question! We always liked the name Zachery, it wasn’t Zach Ephron! Always liked the name, sounded like a little rock n’roll star and quite nice the one syllable thing Zach. Now if a Tribe baby… hmmmm…. maybe Blade, so little Slade’s Blade! πŸ˜€

Q: Have you ever been to Scandinavia Matt ? πŸ™‚

^ Met an amazing Danish couple on our honeymoon in NZ at Fox Glacier and became great friends with them, we always followed them around and bumped into them so hoping to go and see them this year in Denmark

Q: Which episode is your favourite? (I couldn’t choose but maybe you remember one particularly?) Greetings from Germany πŸ™‚

^ Every episode had so many highlights because there was such a big cast and so many storylines going on you were guaranteed there would never be a dull episode or script. But as the season went on and the stakes were raised and everything developed with Ebony, Mega… they were just so intense and so much fun to do. I think initially the scenes with Tom when Slade rescued RAM and they were holed up in Liberty were great fun

Q: Hi Matt, How was it to act with 3 sisters on the set? Siva, Ebony and Java,

^ They’re amazing, a force of nature! Just incredible, such characters and personalities and I loved the fact Slade had a deep relationship with Ebony but also interacted with the others, so different

Q: Matt have you ever thought of visiting Sweden? πŸ™‚

^ Hi Lena! I am open to all offers and invites! I hear Stockholm is lovely

Q: I actually have a serious question (I know, sue me). Was it difficult coming into what was more or less an established family on the show and carving out your own little place in it?

^ It was interesting, everyone was incredibly friendly and welcoming but you also know relationships and friendships going back years and you really want to be accepted and part of that. It was great

Q: Hi, what is important right now in your life?

^ Hi Julia. Number one is my family, wife and son but the thought of just creating really also. That our band has it’s EP out there, our first album on iTunes, exciting times. It’s creating really, be it music or film/TV, leaving a bit of an imprint

Q: Hi Matt! I was wondering If anything like the virus in the tribe happened when you were a teenager do you think you would wind up being like your character slade if not how do you think you would have moved one for example creat some kind of tribe or join one and so on and so forth. Hope you have had a wonderful Day!

^ Hi Sara. If the virus did happen… it’s interesting when extreme situations happen and that fight or flight situation… in emergencies I am fairly practical and get on with it so think in that respect like Slade I would be, but have to learn how to ride a motorcycle!

Q: Did you do any acting before The Tribe? πŸ™‚

^ Hi Nea. Yes, I’d done a lot of theatre and about four weeks before I flew out to NZ I’d been in a touring production of Romeo and Julliet in an open air theatre production which in England is dangerous at the best of times, being rained upon and nearly got electrocuted one night during an electrical storm in a sword fight!

Q: What does it feel like that you didn’t work with kc, alice bray and ryan ect.

^ Yes absolutely, you have a wish list of characters and people to be in scenes with but to act with everyone would be really tough with so many characters, I didn’t have that many scenes with Beth Allen or Toni Prebble, a few moments here and there

Q: Oops, pressed enter too soon there. Obviously you’re aware of the projects fans do: what are your thoughts on them?

^ I’m just a huge fan of that, the fact fans are so into the show they are able then to have their own kind of stories based on it, it’s really exciting and like the guys who did Fractured Alliance, online with synopsis for season 6 fans have done, what would happen next, there’s so much really vibrant stuff going on, people on YouTube with videos… I saw one a while back with all the scenes between Slade and Mega put to a piece of music and it was really moving, just proves how the Tribe fans have such huge imaginations and aren’t afraid of expressing it, humbling really

Q: Also are you excited about a tribe movie??

^ Hi Katie. Yes! Absolutely. I always come at a project as a fan first and when I became involved in The Tribe was a massive fan of it myself with its history and impact, so when I heard there was talks of a movie like everyone, I was so excited about it and would love to play some part in it, whatever happens will be cheering from the rafters if it happens

Q: Hi Matt , if you were to get another Tattoo done what would it be of and why ?

^ Hi Kirsty! I am sure people are aware Calen is a phenomenal tattooist as well as a great friend so I’d go to him to get it done, the one he did on my right arm commemmorates my wife and marriage so the next one I would do and I might get it done when I see him in May would be something for my son. Maybe I’ll get Power and Chaos done!

Q: whats the strangest fan mail you have ever got? xx

^ Hi Christina! The fans are so enthusiastic and excited about the show and who’s involved so most of the fan mail is a real rush to read. I did have one asking if I was related as a long lost cousin which was slightly odd – maybe I am!

Q: When your son will be older will you show him The t

^ Absolutely 100% I will sit him down and can’t wait the thought of being able to sit down and show him the DVD with my face on it, that’s the best thing I have ever made aside from him!

Q: What a way to wake up, i missed it didnt I? πŸ™
If not heres my question: If you could participate ih a remake which character would you be (not Slade tho) ?

^ Hi Alex! If not Slade then…. RAM would be a lot of fun! Tom made that part his own but that would be so much fun, I am not sure about doing makeup and the hair

Q: What is your favorite food?

^ Fave food… hmm… I love pizza but it would have to be steak, a lovely medium rare with a red wine!

Q: would you come to australia to meet your aussie fans? πŸ™‚

^ Yes absolutely! Just a case of getting schedules and diaries together but if possible, absolutely! Some of the best most exciting times have been when going to conventions and meeting the fans face to face, such a buzz, so absolutely yes!

Q: What is your favorite book?

^ Hi Travis… it would be The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald but I read a book last year called The Book Thief and the guy who wrote that is Marcus Zusak, just mindblowing!

Q: I heard from Christina that you love candy.. if the production of all candy would end today, which would you stock up on?

^ Hahaha, a lot to choose from – if the movie came out i’d have to watch my figure but if I could get really fat and eat a lot then I would go for Green and Blacks chocolate over here in the UK, a lot of that!

Q: Are you wanting anymore children in the future and have you found your son has changed your whole veiw on life x

^ Is that a proposal, hehehe! Absolutely I would love more kids! Since having Zack it has totally changed my life and puts everything into focus but also takes for me a lot of pressure off in the respect of you think well whatever happens, I made this little boy and I’d love to have my own 5 a side football team!

Q: If you had to chose between music and acting what would you chose?

^ Hmmm… great question! It’s really interesting because with the music you don’t need to be hired to do that, I am a foot away from the piano right now and know I could sit and compose and create. With the acting it is slightly more difficult because depending on getting hired, getting the scenes and when it is up and running it is great, they are quite different

Q: Matt, Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

^ Hi Tia! Well I think hopefully just winning my Oscar for the role of Slade in a Tribe movie and hopefully that would be good, and playing football with my own little 5 a side team I created! πŸ˜€

Q: Hi Matt, would you encourage your son to go into acting or would you like to shadow him from the lime light??xx

^ Hi Kathryn! Well I’d like him to look after us when we’re old! Hehehe. Go into banking and get a real job or something! But I think his Mum and Dad are both actors and creative so if he takes after us there’s a strong possibility he’ll go into that world and it’s been excellent the opportunity to travel and see things, the friendships and camaraderie

Q: Hi Matt, how long have you been playing piano?

^ Hi Ann! I remember starting when I was a kid about five or six and at the time hating piano lessons and cursing my parents for being evil and making me having lessons but looking back on it now without that, I’d never have been able to play this wonderful instrument so it was worth it!

Q: Most embarrassing moment?

^ Well… gosh… there’ll be a few! I’ll come back to it if I can!

Q: What’s your favorite movie and why?

^ Recent movie would be Inception just the fact it is still possible to have a big Hollywood blockbuster that is full of integrity and brains and doesn’t insult the audience, allows them the fact the audience have to keep up but gives them credit to keep up. But all time fave one is Shawshank Redemption, it’s such an emotional highpoint, love Fight Club, David Finch is such a fantastic director. And Terminator 2 actually was great, I remember queuing around the block as a kid to see that and it had a really profound affect on me this brilliant sci-fi married to real human elements

Q: Will you come back for any future chats here on the tribe official page?… πŸ™‚

^ Absolutely, to be able to still have contact with the fans and years on after filming it to be as excited and fresh as when we filmed it as real big so definitely!

Q: did you ever visit the forums?

^ We all did to a degree esp when first starting filming, it was great to be part of something people were talking about and it was great to see what people thought of the character but you don’t want to spend your time on too long with what people are writnig about you so a bit of restraint, so it was interesting the creative side of Tribe fans, the videos and writing, that interests me

Q: Who scares you the most. The chosen or the technos?

^ Hahaha! I would say RAM’s hair, that’s the most scarey thing! πŸ˜€

Q: Would you do a tribe tour again if the tribe had one?

^ That was so much fun the opportunity to meet the fans, to travel to the USA and Europe and to meet up with the cast again and people who shaped my life, absolutely!

Q: Did you enjoy being on the tribe season 5?

^ Yes! Every moment!

Q: If you had to pick any of the cast members, who would you pick to kiss

^ Oooo well Tom is a beautiful man but I don’t want Calen to get jealous! πŸ˜› The girls were all absolutely beautiful so a tough one to pick. Let’s be honest, either Meryl or Fleur!

Q: How was your childhood, like how did u get into acting?

^ I got into it when at school I got involved in a play and thought ooo I like this, then a theatre company touring around the UK and it led on one job into another so I was lucky, my parents encouraged me and I just thought thought let’s give this a thought so if there is play or something, I’d recommend getting involved backstage or front of stage, try it out!

The Tribe (Official):Β Thanks for all your questions everyone!