News: 13th September 1999

THE FIRST TRIBE ALBUM! Away from their work on Tribe Series 2, the cast have been travelling back and forth between the music-recording studio and the Cloud 9 production center with their chaperones and security during breaks in their schedules to sing and record music with John Williams and Matt Prime. The album is shaping … Continue reading News: 13th September 1999

News: 6th September 1999

THE TRIBE ALBUM! Last week, the cast traveled back and forth between the Cloud 9 production centre and music recording studios during breaks in their production schedules to record songs for the forthcoming Tribe album, inspired by the series. John Williams and Matt Prime are highly respected and talented songwriters and producers who have worked … Continue reading News: 6th September 1999

News: 31st August 1999

CAST APPEARANCE ON THE BULLETIN BOARD/TRIBE TALK As you may know last week, Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK) gave a live and exclusive interview over the Bulletin Board. Michael appreciates all the questions and messages posted to him, and did his utmost to answer as many messages as he could but there were too many messages for … Continue reading News: 31st August 1999