Location Report: Dragon*Con 2004 – Tour Diary 3

TOUR DIARY THREE – Saturday 4th September 2004
An early start this morning with all of us up before 7am. Everyone got into costume and makeup and headed down for a quick breakfast before meeting up for the parade.

We met outside the front entrance to the hotel and saw four fantastic convertibles sitting there. One was for us! We met up with our driver Belinda who was so much fun and got the music pumping in the car while we marvelled over the shiny silver exterior.

Yesterday we had been gifted huge soaker water pistols from Tribe Red Dragon and were told they could be used in the parade. It was a beautiful day today with the sun shining and just a breath of wind. We sat on the back of the car and headed to the meeting point of the parade at Woodruff Park in Atlanta.

We were all so excited as there were thousands of people gathered to watch the parade and many hundred paraders as well.

The wind in our hair, the music playing, the sun on our faces and lots of Tribe Fans yelling support as we started our way on the parade route. We were a little worried that squirting people with our waterguns might be a little mean but it seemed everyone wanted us to! It was pretty hot and even some of the storm troopers were wanting us to hose them down.

The Tribe and their entourage were definitely one of the louder groups and there were plenty of fans in the crowd.

In two of the other convertibles were Lorenzo Lamas (Renegade) and Peter Davison (Dr Who).

At the end of the parade the cast still had water left in their water pistols and went a little mad with the Tribe Fans and then they let the fans hose them down. Everyone got very wet! Not to mention the Storm Troopers that held them up!!

After a change of clothes and taking costumes off it was almost time for lunch so the cast headed out to Hooters. They had heard about Hooters from the cast that attended last year and definitely wanted to visit as their buffalo wings are fantastic!

Lunch over a it was a quick sprint to Tori’s Q & A panel. Tori had a great time answering all the questions put to her and as always there were some really great questions and lots of laughs.

A signing session next and the queue was longer than yesterdays. Lots of friendly people and familiar faces and everyone walked away with autographs and posters.

The cast were getting a little tired by mid afternoon as that’s when you really notice the jetlag so there was just enough time for a half hour rest in their rooms before Matt took the stage in his Q & A panel. A lot of Matt’s questions were more about Matt himself as Tribe Fans in America haven’t yet seen Series 5 – but it starts tomorrow on WAM! Matt even did a short monologue from Romeo and Juliet to the applause of the girls in the crowd.

Next we all headed to our rooms to get ready for the Gala Awards Dinner. Due to personal circumstances the original winner of the Tribeworld Competition was unable to attend the convention so the two tickets for the Gala Awards Dinner were raffled and two delightful ladies accompanied us to the dinner. The dinner was a hilarious affair which kept the audience very much entertained.

After a swim and a steam in the steam room the cast called it a night ready for another big day tomorrow.

More from Dragon*Con tomorrow…